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With developing technical advancements, the number of cybercrimes has also been rising across the world. These cybercrimes are criminal activities that either target or utilize computers, computer networks, the internet, or other devices to harm people in distinct ways. Countries around the world are striving to tackle this problem, and now the US and India have also come together to fight against this crime. Recently, an announcement was made by the US Justice Department which clarified that India and the US will increase their collaboration against cybercrime, consumer protection laws, and telemarketing frauds.

India and the US have discussed ways to resist emerging cybercrimes. As the significance of online security has increased on a global platform, India and the US have agreed to enhance their cooperation in the field of cybercrimes. The Consumer Protection Branch (CPB) of the US Justice Department issued a statement setting the need to necessarily tackle technology-based crimes through durable information and evidence sharing.

To strengthen this law enforcement cooperation, officials from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) met with Deputy Assistant Attorney General Arun G Rao of the US Department of CPB as well as other officials from the CPB and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in New Delhi. Later, the Justice Department stated,

“In their meetings, the parties affirmed their shared commitment to strengthen cooperation in combating crime, specifically with respect to efforts to investigate and prosecute cyber-enabled financial frauds and global telemarketing frauds, including international robocalls and communications”.

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The officials have also discussed the midpoints for combating emerging crime trends, including fighting online and telemarketing frauds. According to cybersecurity firm Sophos, 93% of Indian organizations witnessed some type of security crime in the year 2020. In this same year, 78% of the US organizations also witnessed cybercrimes. These huge numbers are in an increasing mode in other nations as well. And while different law enforcement agencies are seeking to tackle this problem, it is steadily expanding and many people have become victims of these crimes. However, governments are taking important steps to change the scenario at some point, but it is quite impossible to completely eradicate cyber crimes from the world. There have been different portals like and, which can help people to learn about the ways to resist such cybercrime.

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