India has given the magic of Yoga to the whole world. Today, countless people practice this physical, mental and spiritual exercise across the world on a daily basis for healthy living. There are many great yoga teachers from India who are profound in the art of yoga. And now even the youngest yoga instructor in the world is also from India. A 9-year-old Indian boy Reyansh Surana has become the world's youngest certified yoga instructor, with a new world record at the age of 9 years and 220 days.

We all know that yoga is a physical and spiritual discipline that concentrates on subtle science which focuses on achieving harmony between mind and body. At the age of four, Reyansh started practicing yoga and he loved attending yoga sessions with his parents. At the time when Reyansh’s parents were attending a yoga teacher’s training course in Rishikesh, India, he also joined them to become a qualified instructor in yoga. During the training, Reyansh became so involved in yoga that he completed a 200-hour yoga instructor training course, and was awarded a yoga instructor’s certificate. Reyansh was just 9 years and 220 days old when he was given this certificate on 27 July 2021. And then recently, Guinness World Records officially announced that Reyansh Surana has become the youngest yoga instructor in the world.

According to a report by Guinness World Records, Reyansh has learned many different alignments of yoga, anatomic philosophy, and even the nutritional facts from the Ayurveda. Currently, Reyansh has no concrete plans for the future, and he believes that yoga gives him satisfaction and fulfillment, and it is something that he is passionate about.

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