Source: Spencer Davis on Unsplash

The Omicron cases are constantly rising in India. The cases of this variant have gone up to 8,209 as of 17 January, and India's overall covid count has gone up to 16,56,341. Many states are initiating restrictions under the increasing strains of the Omicron variant. However, with the improved vaccination drives and covid protocols, there has been a gradual decline in the overall covid cases as well. Additionally, a Pune-based company, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals is also creating a specific COVID-19 vaccine against the Omicron variant. 

Gennova is in partnership with HDT Biotech Corporation in the USA and has produced the mRNA vaccine with safety and neutralisation antibody shifting. The company has completed the Phase 3 trials of the vaccine and it has also worked on Omicron-specific vaccines using the exact technology, and it will be ready in a month or two.

The company will be using mRNA (messenger - Ribonucleic Acid) technology which affects the injection of a small part of the virus’s genetic code (RNA) and produces the recipient’s immune response. It carries details for the human cells to construct proteins that resemble a component of the new virus, and activate the immune system to act. This type of vaccine does not possess any actual virus. Researchers are recommending mRNA vaccines as the best booster doses as well. Moreover, developing an mRNA vaccine can become a substantial achievement.

The Chairman of India’s Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 vaccination of India Dr. N K Arora has stated that India’s Drug Regulator would study and approve this vaccine shortly. It is currently expected to get reviewed and once the result is out, it would be India’s first mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

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