We all are well aware of the concept of lucky numbers. Today, many people use the principles of numbers to add dimensionality and success to their work. These lucky numbers come from the aspects of Numerology, which is an ancient technique used by countless people in India and across the world. Recently, an Indian numerologist JC Chaudhary has become the first-ever Guinness World Record holder in the field of numerology. He is one of the most famous numerologists and educationists of Indian culture and ancient knowledge.

JC Choudhary won the Guinness World Record by educating around 6000 enthusiasts of numerology about ancient science. These people joined this record-winning summit from countries like India, the United States S, the United Kingdom, and Middles East. The London Office of the Guinness World Record has opened a new category Numerology for this achievement by JC Chaudhary. The Numerology learning initiative was organized to raise awareness about numerology, and it was organized by Chaudhary Nummero Private Ltd in association with the Indian Institute of Numerology.

JC Chaudhary has been practicing numerology for more than 3 decades. He has done extensive work in the field of numerology and has been successful to dispel many myths regarding numerology. After winning the Guinness record, Chaudhary stated that through his achievement he wishes to promote awareness regarding how numerology works and numbers and human life are enigmatically interwoven. His grand achievements and honest efforts in the field of numerology are getting admired in India and across the world.

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