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The entire nation is in distress and chaos because of COVID 19. The uncertainty of the future is creating tensions between the general public, and numerous controversies are emerging amid the pandemic. From Sushant Singh Rajput's case to drug mafia, each and everyone is giving their views about the trending topics. We live in a democratic nation, which offers us the ‘freedom of speech', and under this, several people give their opinions about the social and political topics in limits and sometimes beyond the extent, which creates several controversies at times.

Between this chaos, a Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut and a political party in Mumbai has turned on a massive conflict after Kangana compared Mumbai with POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) on Twitter. Her comment was a response to a remark by a political leader, asking her not to come back to the city after she claimed that she felt unsafe here. And after a long Twitter-war, an article was publicized against Kangana in the newspaper named Saamana, the party's mouthpiece. Several violent protests were also called against Kangana Ranaut. Between the dispute, the actor was given Y category security by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Her alleged illegally constructed office in Mumbai was also demolished by the BMC, avoiding around 3,39,664 illegal constructions in the same City. The incident happened just after her objections about the government, which formulated an angle of political counterattack. This created an extended dispute among Kangana Ranaut and the political party in Mumbai.

This dramatic situation questioned the freedom of speech and misuse of political powers by the politicians of Mumbai. The mainstream media platforms are now covering things like Kangana's flight to Mumbai to other things she tweets about. Before this, the News Channels were all about Rhea Chakraborty, the Bollywood drug parties, and nothing else. But there is an extremely strange silence of all the numerous political parties, the officials and media about the aftermath of the COVID 19 lockdown. The Indian economy has seen the largest reduction on the report, as India assigned a COVID 19 lockdown, delaying maximum economic activities.

According to the, on September 09, 2020, India had 4,370,128 COVID 19 cases with 73,923 deaths. The GDP of the nation has shrunk by 23.9 per cent in the second quarter, and it is much poorer than market forecasts with 18.3 per cent drop. However, the nation remains the third exceedingly affected nation in the world by COVID 19.

The construction industry has declined with -50.3%, manufacturing with -39.3℅ and transportation with -47℅ reported the largest drop. Utilities with -7%, finance, real estate and business services with -5.3% and mining and quarrying with -23.3% also declined, manufacturing with -39.3% and hotel management with -47%, reported the biggest falls. while the farm sector grew 3.4%. Moreover, the unemployment rate spiked to 9.1% in the month of August, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) announced. Moreover, neighbouring countries like China and Pakistan are also generating more difficulties for India, and the tensions between India and China are intensifying day by day. Further, crimes against women are also heightening to the extent that, a COVID 19 patient is getting raped in an ambulance in Kerala. But our political leaders and social activists are silent about these facts.

There is major negligence towards the COVID 19 prevention and aftermath of the lockdown. Our nation's economy is shrinking, and the only thing which is enhancing is the coronavirus outbreak. Yes, delivering justice to Sushant Singh Rajput is significant and raising a voice against the misuse of political powers by the authority with Kangana Ranaut is important, but at the same time, it is more important to take a look at the greater problems. It is more crucial to give proper attention to the increasing death cases, declining economy, unemployment, and other conspiracies and most importantly, the future consequence of all of this. Perhaps it is time for us to be more thoughtful and give our attention to the issues which are actually crucial in this period.



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