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Lack of awareness for ‘Being Healthy’ in India...!!

We are living in an environment which insist us to change ourselves shortly and make alterations in our daily patterns. But most of us are stuck up with the idea of Iove for our delicious food items and engaged lifestyle. Between these eating habits, hectic schedules, tough corporate life, irregular workouts, somewhere the health being ignored. It is gradually leading to several health-issues and many people are eventually becoming victims of hard-hitting cholesterol and sudden cardiac arrest. And now when most of the Indians wish to live a healthy life or rather compelled to live a healthy life to maintain the required immunity level in this pandemic period, lack of awareness and knowledge is again becoming a barrier for them to do so.

‘Health’ is especially an untouched aspect of today's Indian lifestyle. Awareness for being healthy has not yet lighted to every factor of our society. According to FAO estimates in 'The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, 2019' report, 194.4 million people are undernourished in India. By this measure, 14.5% of the population is undernourished in India. Also, increasing prices of health food products and a new supply chain put most food items out of reach for many buyers. However, it will take much time for health and wellness foodservice industry to expand its base and become a prominent part of the overall foodservice industry. A new FICCI-PWC report, 'The changing landscape of the retail foodservice industry' identifies 'health and wellness' as one of the factors running the Indian food services industry, which totalled Rs 3,37,500 crore in 2017. The health food services business is expected to grow to Rs 5,52,000 crore by 2022.

The population of India as per 2011 census was 1,210,854,977, which displays a massive diversity if we compare today’s population, and therefore, a huge challenge to the health products delivery system of India is seen. New research from ‘Market Intelligence Agency, Mintel’ sample group of the study was carried on 3000 Indian adults aged 18 and above. According to the research, it was found that almost two-thirds (64%) of Indians say that they don’t exercise. The research also recorded that the reason for not choosing exercise is the fact that exercises involving gyms and fitness classes tend to be more expensive. However, there seems to be a lack of awareness as 13% of Indians claim that they don't know enough about nourishment food products and 11% believe that these products are harmful if consumed without severe exercise, uncovers Mintel research.

As being healthy is the most important element in this situation of pandemic, public health gets crucial attention in our country. It is related to disease prevention through organized efforts, public and private communities and individuals. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) plays a key role in guiding India's public health system. But the Government authorities lack in delivering their services to the general public suitably, as communication is still a key skill to be included among the authorities. A good Mediator between the government and the general public is better placed to deal with the pressures of the relationships with medical and health facilities in our country. Instead, most of the people ignore information and do nothing when they hear too much. Preventive health messages through advertisements should be simple and consistent, such as, eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, cut down on sugar and salt (an appropriate diet), avoid processed foods, quit smoking, do yoga and meditation, limit yourself to a drink a day. To become serious about all this and their own life, people must stop taking their health for granted.

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As vibrant citizens of the country, we must encourage discussions on a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ not only in this pandemic situation but otherwise also. We should identify and analyse possible solutions to increase awareness in our society through various platforms and rather encouraging rumours, the helpful opinions and guidelines shall be circulated in right time to the right person shall be ensured endeavour. Now as the time has changed, with COVID-19, each and every one including work-life people should divert their attention towards healthy eating habits, physical exercises and well-balanced diet as they have realised the importance of being healthy as half of our world is falling apart because of a single virus.