Source: The Week

We are in the year 2020 and anything can happen. The famous ‘Arabain Nights’ tale of Aladin's Genie and his magical lamp just turned into a nightmare for a doctor. His desire to get all his wishes fulfilled with the ‘Magical Lamp of Aladdin’ has pushed this doctor into a huge crisis.

Dr. Laeek Khan is a resident of Khairnagar, Meerut. He is a physician, and he did his ‘Fellow of Research Health Society’ (FRHS) course in London. According to him, a patient named Sameena, a resident of Baghpat Road, used to visit Khan in 2018 for surgery, after which he began attending her frequently for post-surgery supervision. Through Sammena, Laeek met a sorcerer (Tantrik) named Islamuddin at Sameena's place. This sorcerer and his other friend, Anees promised Laeek Khan to make him a billionaire and give him some magical powers with the help of the Magical Lamp of Aladdin.

The idea of the magical lamp originally comes from the folktale of Aladdin from the Arabian Nights. The two sorcerers would make Laeek watch the jinn appearing through the magical lamp. An aromatic perfume was used to reveal the jinn from the lamp. They used to take thousands of rupees from Laeek for revealing the jinn. Ultimately, the sorcerers received 2.5 crores in installments for selling the lamp to Laeek. But every time Laeek asked them if he could take the lamp home, they would refuse to say it might cause him harm.

Gradually Laeek understood the fact that nothing will happen, and he has been scammed. With time he also realized that the jinn he saw in front of the two frauds was none other than Sammena's husband. Laeek Khan approached the police when he realized that he has been cheated, and he filed a complaint about the entire scam to the Superintendent of Police (SSP) office. Brahmapuri Circle Officer (CO) Amit Rai said that the two accused have been arrested and the so-called Aladdin's Magical Lamp has been recovered from the victim, while a search is on for Sameena.

The magical lamp from the tales of Arabin Nights lent Aladdin a genie to fulfill all his desires and made him the hero of his story. But today, no one knows if Aladdin's magical Lamp does exist or not. And in the real world, even well-educated people can be stuck into the idea of being quickly rich and get into a scam like Aladdin's Magical lamp in the 21st century.