Numerous people use different ideas to bring in the perfect hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle is adored by everyone, but there is a slight difference in a perfect hairstyle and a weird hairstyle. Hairstyles like tomato, tennis ball and even a bird's nest can make you look like a fool sometimes. Just take a look at these 10 weirdest and funniest hairstyle ideas that will make you laugh, but possibly you won't try them.

1. Tomato hairstyle:


When you think of a tomato, you think a freshness and salad, but you definitely don't think of a hairstyle. But some people choose to shape and colour their hair like a tomato. The part of the head is coloured and shaped like a stem and the part goes for the body with a dark red colour.

2. Pineapple hairstyle:


This weird Pineapple hairstyle is an odd and big ponytail on top of the head, that avoids twists and unwrapped swirls and appear with lying on a cushion. It is mostly coloured with yellow and green colours.

3. Tennis ball hairstyle:


Even various sports equipments are used as a portrait for the hairstyle, and a tennis ball hairstyle is the weirdest and funniest one. And many tennis fans are crazy about this hairstyle.

4. Spider and spider web hairstyle:


This can be creepy and outrageous for numerous people. The hair is cut in the shape of a spider. And spider webs are created with cotton balls, and the spider web is weaved with a craft needle. But this hairstyle is enough to make someone freak out after seeing it.

5. Gecko hairstyle:


A Gecko is a cute and weird reptile as well but having a gecko hairstyle is perhaps the weirdest. Some people prefer to just shape their hair like a gecko, and some go beyond this and colour them as well.

6. Rat-tail hairstyle:


A rat-tail is a hairstyle that is represented by a long rat-tail like an element of hair growing downward from the back of the head. It usually hangs typically, with braids. Some individuals also choose to cut the hair in the shape of a rat, ending with a rat's tail.

7. The giant puff hairstyle:


This old curls hairstyle is still in use but it doesn't look adequate anymore. It gives a really weird and funny look and this hairstyle makes your head look very huge.

8. Bird's nest hairstyle:


As its title indicates, this hairstyle is shaped like a bird's nest, with the help of braids and various textures. This can look good in a limited way but not if used in exaggerated ways.

9. Sydney Opera House hairstyle:


The Sydney Opera House is a famous building and a venue for performing arts centre at New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the most well-known buildings, but this hairstyle depicts this building in a very different and foolish way.

10. The Porcupine hairstyle:


Porcupines are animals with furs of sharp spines, as protective measures. But this particular hairstyle is not at all protective, but a funnier one.