We all know that staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy in an urban environment. In a megacity like Mumbai, fitness activities can help improve both physical and mental health. To help the citizens of Mumbai in their fitness journey, the Mumbai Police Department has launched an initiative. Recently, the Mumbai Police announced the Sunday Street, under which numerous roads in the city will be temporarily shut for traffic for a few hours on Sunday morning. And during this time, the citizens can indulge in diverse sporting activities such as cycling, skating, and other physical games on the streets.

The initiative is starting on March 27, and it will be continued for each coming Sunday, with different places decided and announced by the department. Under the Sunday Street initiative, different roads in Mumbai and suburbs will be opened entirely, and all restrictions will be removed for physical activities. The police will be adjusting the traffic movements on alternate routes during these activities. The citizens can engage in different physical activities without the fear of getting hit by vehicles or being hassled by hawkers and vendors.

The Mumbai Police Department has stated that the Sunday Street initiative is launched with an aim to encourage the citizens of Mumbai to step out of their homes with family and friends to participate and engage in sporting and wellness activities in the city. The citizens of Mumbai are also welcoming this initiative and are hoping that most of the roads will be soon converted into Sunday Streets to enable citizens of all age groups to move around and participate in the activities. 

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