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Recently when I was going through my social media, I read heart breaking news of a Palestinian guy. This news has gone viral on social media all over the world. It expresses a young Palestinian man making a quick visit to his mother through a hospital window. His mother was on the deathbed due to COVID-19. Violating several rules of the hospital, the man had climbed up the wall and sat on the window, observing his mother before she left to heaven.

According to a report by a French news service, Al Nas, A Palestinian man, Al-Suwaiti, from the town of Beit in West Bank, climbed to the window of the Intensive Care Unit of Hebron State Hospital so that he could see his mother. She was undergoing treatment for Covid-19. The 73-year-old woman reportedly died on July 16, shortly after her 30-year-old son climbed the wall to see her.

Al-Suwaiti overtook all the constraints and climbed the hospital where his mother was admitted. He just wanted to see her one last time. His photo sitting on the hospital's window was posted on several social media platforms. A social media user named Mohamad Safa posted this heart breaking photo on his Twitter page, along with his drawing of the tragic incident and it broke many hearts. After the breakout of COVID-19, several families had to mumble a goodbye to their family members. I think we all will never understand the grief of Al-Suwaiti and what he must have gone through. Catching a glimpse of your mother dying in front of your eyes and being helpless at the same time is something we can't imagine. But the mother of Al-Suwaiti must have been a fortunate mother to have raised such a sincere son. COVID-19 has brought about more grief than ever. To fight this epidemic, numerous restrictions have been constrained all across the world which prevents people from stepping out of their houses. However, with a family member in the hospital due to COVID-19, resisting to live, it is just extremely tough.

Death is an unavoidable part of our lives, whether we like it or not, one day we all have to retire from this world. Despite knowing that it will come for us, it is always hard to part ways from your loved ones forever. As knowing that many of them do not even make it to the funeral, heightens the intention to see our loved ones, one last time.