Human psychology is a tricky matter and it is relatively intricate to understand. But at the same time, it is fun and full of surprises with a lot of perceptions. Below are some mind-blowing psychological facts which will make you think and wonder about yourself and your surroundings!

1. A psychological fact explains that 73% of people get the best creative ideas when they're in a shower:

Almost all of us sing, think and argue with ourselves while taking a shower, and the most creative ideas show up in that place. The research was assigned by German bathroom and kitchen fixtures company Hansgrohe in 2014, with a psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, it reported that 72% of people get creative ideas in the shower.

Moreover, this mind-blowing psychological fact adds people aged 18 to 34 specifically while thinking and problem-solving.

2. Psychological fact about why we cry, even if we are extremely happy:

We often cry when we are deeply hurt, but sometimes, we cry when we are extremely happy. Psychologist Oriana R. Aragon, who courses emotion regulation and facial expressions, explained this mind-blowing psychological fact in an interview with Aragon explains, that crying upswings delighted moments of life. When someone cries due to sadness, the brain releases a neurotransmitter, and this makes them feel a little better. But when someone cries out of extreme happiness, a similar neurotransmitter makes them feel much happier. In short, our brain doesn’t constantly recognize the difference between positive and negative feelings.

3. Psychological fact behind the 85% of college students who think that they will do good in their career, and how only two-thirds of them fulfil it:

After completing graduation, it is a dream of almost every student to excel in a career which they choose for themselves.

A report was published in 2014 by, in which a survey showed that most students were thinking positively about their job and career and made several psychological decisions based on their current situations. 85% of students were confident about their job, but only two-thirds of them succeeded. Moreover, student psychologist explains that 69% of student thought that their job search will take less than six months, but in fact, only 42% found a simple job.

4. Psychological fact about your addiction to social media and its psychological schemes:

Today, social media is the inseparable part of human lives, and the addiction to social media is increasing day by day.

According to, social media affects human brain psychologically and triggers the release of dopamine in the body, resulting in the wave of cheerful sentiments about social media posts, likes, shares and so on. Social media dealings certainly increase bonding between people, and as we incline to view attention as an indication of human acknowledgement.

There's no specific name that observes obsession over social media and it is not considered as an illness or disorder yet.

5. Psychological fact about yawning and how it is just a reaction in the need for more oxygen to your body:

Whenever we are bored, tired or feel sleepy, we yawn. It is something which we can't really control. According to, our bodies hold less oxygen because of our passive breathing, and thus, yawning supports us by bringing more oxygen into the blood and move carbon dioxide out of the blood. So next time if you yawn, just remember this weird and mind-blowing psychological fact that your mind is just trying to keep you alive with that oxygen.

6. Psychological fact about kids and their father, and how kids are less likely to fall into stereotypical gender roles by watching their father:

Today, the role of the father appears with more responsibilities and in distinct forms. According to, a study on the part of fathers indicates that the effect of a father's affection on children's development is as great as the importance of a mother's affection. Psychological research across households from all racial sites indicates that fathers' affection and help in the household like cooking and cleaning, impacts on their children's social and emotional growth and makes them less likely to fall into stereotypical gender roles in future.

Today’s father is not always the traditional married worker in the family, but much more than that.

7. Psychological fact about Deja-vu:

We all have felt this strange feeling of Deja-vu, where we feel that this current happening has appeared similarly in our past. And now, the initial brain scans of this happening have disclosed that it’s just an indication of our brain testing its memory. Deja-vu was believed to be influenced by the mind making false memories, but studies by Akira O’Connor at the University of St Andrews, UK, advises that deja-vu is a reminder that your mind's memory checking network is functioning nicely, and you’re less inclined to forget any incidents.

Akira also explains that people who don’t experience deja-vu might just have better memory systems in the first place.

8. Psychological fact about why you felt that your phone vibrated without any actual notifications:

In this modern world, we are surrounded by technology, and this technology also has negative impact on us. A report by, explains about a scholar at University-Purdue in Fort Wayne, Indiana, named Dr Michelle Drouin. Around 89% of people in her survey had experienced phantom vibrations about every two weeks on average. Phantom vibration is a syndrome, which is a feeling that one's mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not. In the research, those who responded more sentimentality to messages and were hanging on text messaging were more annoyed by this mind-blowing psychological fact of phantom vibrations.

9. Psychological fact about people who fly in their dreams and how it expresses their creativity & breakout of normal life:

Dreams are so unusual, and they convey so much meaning to us and our mind. This psychological fact takes us to mind’s night-time adventures.

According to, our dreams are an imperial path to the wisdom of the unconscious actions of our mind. And that dreams were mainly are centres of wish completion. Whenever a person flies in their dream it indicates the creative sight of their subconscious mind. A dream possibly indicates what your mind considers vital.

10. Psychological facts about your mind sensing a person staring at you, without even looking at them:

Most of us can sense if someone is staring at us, without even looking in that person's direction. And this psychological fact arises because of our evolved senses. According to, human senses have evolved from the strong age to the modern era. For ancient humans, the safety from cruel beasts was dependent on their views of eyes and senses and also to sneak up on their own small’s preys.

And thus, that feeling you get when you're being watched is your brain indicating you, in a hardly noticeable way, that something critical is coming up.