Coronavirus has robbed our life’s liberty and left us like prisoners crossing off the days until we can live freely again. Being under lockdown is not only differing how people live but also how crime appears. And the number of crimes in India has spiked ever since authorities began relaxing the coronavirus measures.

On Aug 14, 2010, a tabloid in Times of India was published explaining that two men clothed with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits tried to rob a jewellery store in Maharashtra's Nashik. The robbers put on PPE Kits, perhaps to hide their identities. The robbers tried to use a car jack to break the shop. But their attempt was prevented by alert locals of the shop, the locals instantly informed the police. And now, the police have undertaken an investigation into the matter.                

A similar incident happened on 7 July 2020, when thieves robbed jewellery valuing nearly 780 grams (70 tolas) from a shop in Maharashtra's Satara district. The incident took place in Phaltan area of the state. The robbers entered by breaking in through the shop's wall. The robbery was caught on CCTV cameras installed at the shop. In the video footage, the robbers were seen wearing caps, masks, plastic jackets and hand-gloves while they stole the jewellery, Mumbai mirror reported. Several strange robberies have been reported across the Pune city as well, leading to vulnerable citizens living in fear, as police have referred to being outstretched. Even some thieves in Mumbai dug an underground tunnel and robbed a jewellery store. The incident was reported in Andheri East in Mumbai.

Perhaps robbers too are finding it hard to get by in this lockdown, but they certainly aren't short of ideas. From digging tunnels to concealing behind PPE kits, robbers have been inventive to do the crime. Police authorities have urged citizens to be cautious and alert and report if anything suspicious.