Satellite image taken in 2000 of Groom Lake

The UFO sightings and crashes have made screaming headlines since the 1950s. After all the allegations about the secretive behavior of the officials, the US government formally acknowledged the existence of Area 51 as a confidential military sight in 2013. But when the natives and some other individuals bound with authority claimed about some extra-terrestrial activities, it became an epicenter of alien conspiracy for the entire world. And in 2019, more than 2 million people signed up for an event titled ‘Storm Area 51’ which was initially a meme on social media, to discover all the alien theories, but it shattered as a flop mission.

Isolated nuclear technologies, alien abductions, UFO reinventions, and bogus moon landing rumours are part of Area 51 conspiracies, but no one precisely knows all about Area 51. People around the globe have started examining and researching Area 51. But here are 6 hard facts that everyone should know before hopping onto the conspiracy of Area 51.


1. What's in a name?

Area 51 sounds like some confidential military basis for a huge conspiracy. But in fact, the name comes from designations on Nevada Test Site maps from the 1950s. Area 51 is a part of the Nevada Test Side, now known as the Nevada National Security Site. It is a remote area of desert, 65 miles north of Las Vegas. Area 51 is also known as ‘Groom lake’. It was the same site that hosted hundreds of nuclear weapons tests launching in the 1950s, almost 100 of which were above ground.

2. The Inception of alien-activity theories..!

All the nuclear tests didn't get as much attention as Area 51 alien activities. The first alien activity happened in July 1947 when the Roswell Daily Record's front-page headline showed ‘RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on ranch in Roswell Region’. But the US military insisted that it was just an atomic monitoring balloon meant to detect far-off nuclear testing blasts. After the Roswell incident, several people came out and expressed their own experiences about the extra-terrestrial activities in the region.

3. The actual purpose behind Area 51..!

Area 51 or the Nevada Test and Training Range are now utilized to train aircraft crews in war schemes, for live pieces of training, and operational testing, according to Air Force. In the past, Area 51 has been used to test and improve new airplanes, helicopters, unmanned drones, and other confidential military technologies. One of these was the famous U-2 Spy Plane, an ultrahigh altitude aircraft.

4. Secrecy is a source of conspiracy..!

Area 51 conspiracy theories are the outcomes of the authority's desire to maintain the core secret. The apparent UFO sightings may have been nuclear balloons or any other advanced technologies, but the Air Force didn't want the public to know much about their spy potentials. Many of the apparent UFO sightings around Area 51 were recognized by Air Force officers to be test flights, which puzzled pastime and commercial pilots because they flew so high above ordinary air traffic, according to declassified history of Air Force. But Air Force Officials have also blurred what was going on with statements about ‘natural phenomena’ and ‘high-altitude research’, which generates suspicions in the minds of many researchers.


5. The big Air Force Affiliation..!

Officially, Area 51 is part of the Nevada Test and Training Range, which is associated with Nellis Air Force Base. According to the Air Force, the NTTR is the biggest centralized air and ground space for peacetime military operations in any democracy in the world. It wraps a total of 2.9 million acres and 5,000 square miles of restricted airspace. This massive association has a large territory that runs the most confidential and unspecified operations on our planet.

6. You certainly can't visit Area 51..!

Yes, Area 51 can be seen on maps, but no common man can get there. It is a fully restricted area, with armed guards policing the borders around the parameter. The guards at Area 51 are also known as ‘Camo Dudes’ because that's what their uniform looks like on the job. Due to confidential military techniques and strategies, this kind of secrecy is not at all a wonder. However, the guards at Area 51 are most affected by the toxic chemicals burning to make radars and aircraft. A lot of solid alien theories, UFO sightings and other extra-terrestrial activities are claimed by many researchers. However, there is no reliable and solid evidence to believe in the alien conspiracy of Area 51.



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