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The COVID 19 epidemic has set the whole nation in distress. While the lockdown has impacted every sector, several economic and social crises are large than others. The unexpected failure of earnings due to the damages of various corporations and scarcity of transport services have pushed many labourers to return to their natives. Also, lack of nutritious food and unhygienic patterns with insufficient medical support make the underprivileged category of society extremely vulnerable to catching the infection.

When the world and the nation is struggling with this deadly epidemic, a few entertainers from Bollywood industry have contributed to help in the time of emergency. And a Bollywood actor, Sonu Sood, has been on the forefront to support the needy amid crisis. He has appeared as a great relief for the poor during the COVID 19 crisis. The actor has not just worked for migrants arrive home but is also enlarging help to those in necessity. Newly after a video of a farmer, struck to bring in his daughters to plough the field went viral on Twitter, Sonu Sood conveyed his consent and guaranteed to send him “a tractor”. And he managed what he guaranteed for the farmer in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. The farmer and his family conveyed their tribute towards the actor saying that he is "not less than god" to them, calling him a "hero in real life" the farmer, Nageswara Rao, said the actor helped their poor family shortly after he saw the video. Uttering his satisfaction after supporting the farmer, Sonu Sood had shared a message on a blogging site, “I am glad we could bring this change in their life. Time for everyone to come forward and save the farmers of our country”.
(Source - NDTV, India)

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The actor is being applauded by everyone for his noble gestures. He has been on a lead to help underprivileged people, from sending back abandoned migrant labourers to managing flights for Indians stuck abroad. Subsequently, giving his hotel as stay facility for health workers, actor Sonu Sood has now also pledged to feed the needy influenced by the COVID 19 outbreak. Sonu Sood has been working for thousands of migrant workers, stranded by the Covid-19 lockdown. "It gave me sleepless nights when I saw visuals of people walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their villages," the actor informed the BBC.

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For numerous people in our society, this man is working as a beacon of hope. And his acts of kindness towards the nation in this awful period modifies this well-known villain into a genuine hero, who's presently winning millions of hearts...!!