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The coronavirus has forced us to stay locked inside our homes. However, it is also affecting our mental health. And an increasing number of suicides is a solid proof of the altering mental health of people. Many businesses are struggling with failures due to the lockdown and this situation is similar for other professions and professionals too.

Recently ABP Majha, a News Channel service in India, released news about an art teacher from Nimbapur Mahalpada in Dahanu taluka of Palghar district of Maharashtra State who committed suicide at home by drawing a picture of himself and writing the date of his birth and surprisingly his death too on it. This 31-year-old art teacher, Gangaram Ramesh Chaudhary was an expert in painting and was a Warli painter. Gangaram was working as a painting teacher in a school in Chalani. He used to sell Warli paintings after finishing his schoolwork.

On June 8, 2020, Gangaram drew his own picture. The picture was dated 15-7-2020 Wednesday, the date of his death, and took a photo of him wearing a necklace and sent a photo to one of their relatives via WhatsApp. He was in a state of stress as his wife had also gone to her mother's place a few days ago. They were married in 2016 and they had no children.

The death of Gangaram has been registered at Casa police station under the leadership of API Siddhava Jayabhaye and he will be the conducting the further investigation.

Although the cause of the suicide is yet to be verified, police say, it may have been happened due to some sort of family disputes (ABP Majha Sources).

All of this indicates the constant shifting of thoughts of people in this lockdown period and how the distress is said to be on the rise among the people as they have to stay at home.