In this exam and admissions season, the Delhi University colleges released their cut-off list. On 10th October, Saturday, Delhi University (DU) announced the first cut-off list for admissions to undergraduate students for the academic year 2020-21. But soon, the cut-off list turned into a material for social media memes. There was a reason behind students making fun of the cut-off list of colleges under Delhi University.

Just like last year, this year the cut-off percentage of colleges is at an all-time high. And this was the main reason that social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram were full of rage, but funnily through the memes. Social media users used various hashtags and memes for the latest DU cut-off list.

Colleges under Delhi University disclosed their cut-off list at an already high percentage. Lady Shri Ram College under DU has a 100% cut-off for their three BA courses, Bachelor of Arts (including Political Science, Economics and Psychology). Under science courses, Hindu College published the highest cut-off for B. SC in Physics at 99.33% and Mathematics at 99%. The cut-off list for B.COM (Honours) in the same Hindu College is at 99.75%.

The cut-offs across the entire Delhi University colleges this year are 0.5 - 2 percentage points higher than last year. And this created a wave of memes on DU on different social media platforms by using hashtags like #DUCutOff2020 and #DUCutOff. Students, educational experts, and meme-makers are using social media platforms to show their rage against DU with memes. It will be more interesting with the coming time when all the colleges will release other remaining lists, and social media will once again take a funny sip on Educational matters in India.



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