The largest democracy in the entire world marks National Voters Day every year on 25 January. This day is celebrated with the purpose of encouraging and stimulating the voting process in India. It is broadly dedicated to the voters of Indian democracy and is utilized to extend awareness among voters for facilitating participation in the electoral process.

Every year, the celebration of the National Voters Day turns around various themes, and this year, the theme for National Voters Day 2022 is “Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible and Participative”. Moreover, the Election Commission of India has also advised all the staff and officers of the government to take the National Voters Day pledge on 25 January 2022 at 11 am to promote democratic electoral participation.

Electoral officers and other government staff put a lot of measures to make the process of elections as accessible as possible to all the Indians. Elections are taken quite seriously around the country, and it is made sure that every voter can utilize their right to vote. According to the Indian Election Guidelines, "Election voting machines must be placed within 2 km of every voter". Distinct modes of transportation like planes, boats, elephants, and camels are also deployed to reach the most remote areas in the country. This entire system is operated and modified time and again so that voters can vote adequately. And a day like National Voters Day is a suitable reminder to all the voters to facilitate these systems and encourage others to participate in the process.

India is the largest democracy in the world and it also runs the biggest elections across the globe. However, this year, The Election Commission will have quite a few challenges before the upcoming assembly elections amid the restriction of COVID-19. Likewise, organizing the electoral procedure would be a complex task, considering the current pandemic situation. Yet, it is important to comprehend that the process of election is a vital element for India's democracy as the development of our country lies in the hands of elected leaders who are chosen by the voters of the country.

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