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Recycling is one of the best ways for us to have a cheerful effect on the entire world, and it is significant to both the atmosphere and us. Our nation has appeared as a great place for industrialization and healthcare services in recent years, with firms carrying out programs directed at securing the nation's role as a global candidate. And we must work attentively as the quantity of trash we generate is rising constantly. But India's recycle man's addiction to recycling all the varieties of trash into usable products is incredibly beneficial for the entire nation.

In this unstable period of a global pandemic, there's an increasing bio-medical trash issue in India. Millions of handled gloves, PPE (Personal protective equipment), and other medical garbage or medical scrap are being thrown out in storages which are presently a crucial source of infection in the nation. Medical trash of COVID 19 gives birth to a different source of pollution as PPEs and masks moreover spill our seas. According to a report by the ‘Central Pollution Control Board’ (CPCB), our country generates about 101 Metric Tonnes per day of COVID-19 related biomedical waste. This quantity is in upswing to the normal biomedical waste generation of about 609 MT/day. 

Regardless, the 'Recycle Man of India', 27-year-old Binish Desai is converting bio-medical waste mainly masks, head cover, and non-woven PPE kit into Eco-friendly bricks. The bricks will embody 52 per cent of shredded masks and PPE, three per cent of the binder, and 45 per cent paper garbage. They will be water-proof, fire retardant, and pest resistant. He subtracted PPE made from non-woven cloth which contains masks, dresses, and head-covers. He also began testing with the technique in his own lab, and soon made a few in his factory. Once fulfilled with the technique, he carried bricks to a regional laboratory to test and approve the substance as amid epidemic they cannot catch the national laboratory. Every brick is 12 x 8 x 4 inches in extent, and it utilizes a total of 7 kg of biomedical trash per square foot. Binish says it is lighter, and tougher differed to the P-Block 1.0 and costs just Rs 2.8 per piece.

Image Credit: Facebook Wall of Binish Desai

Moreover, Binish intends to bring up Eco Bins, which will support them to accumulate the garbage produced in multiple clinics, police stations, other places where the people are operating with PPE kits and masks. The Eco bins will similarly have a hint point to indicate that it is full. And once it achieves that point, the garbage is left untouched 72 hours, and then it will be decontaminated entirely. Once that is done, it is ripped, added along with paper slime and other factors. Once improved totally, the bricks can be utilized for building bases. However, Binish notifies it is his plan to create cost-beneficial small isolation wards that can be supplied across the country easily.

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Before this, Binish had created P-bricks, which was primarily made from paper waste, pieces of chewing gum and other extracts. Binish Desai’s idea of utilizing chewing gum waste arrived at the age of 11 when he got some chewing gum stuck on his trousers and attempted to scrape it with a piece of paper. Around the period of his chewing gum bricks sudden moment, the young Desai was in the middle of a school project about India’s slums and was frustrated by their portrayal. And he dreamt to do something about it and at the age of 16, he launched his first company, the Bdream. After launching many beneficial programs for the rural regions, now the company has already recycled more than 1780 tonnes of waste.

By the age of 25, Desai was moreover named one of Forbes Asia’s under 30 Social Entrepreneurs. Binish Desai’s visions of India evolving as a remedies provider for numerous kinds of healthcare and industrial trash to the entire world through different innovations. For all his achievements, Dr Binish Desai has, precisely, deserved the title, ‘Recycle Man of India’.

“I see India is a leading solution
provider of such zero waste
technologies where we make
locally and sell globally”

Dr. Binish Desai, The Recycle Man of India