The COVID-19 pandemic and some other natural disasters that occurred in recent times have made us realize the importance of defence forces who work constantly to make sure that everything is on track. These forces are often overlooked from the recognition that they deserve. One such force that works tremendously and constantly is the Civil Defence force. This department schedule and undertake extensive activities to provide a suitable response as a backup service to the local emergency services in the event of an emergency situation. And to honour the massive development backed by the civil defence in protecting lives, resources, and national achievements, World Civil Defence Day is observed every year. This day is celebrated on 1 March and it is a day to mark the significance of civil defence and to commemorate the people who have sacrificed their lives for it.

The International Civil Defence Organization entered into force on 1 March 1972, and accordingly, World Civil Defence Day was established on 1 March. The ICDO has an objective such as facilitating and exchange of experience and the coordination of efforts in the area of disaster prevention, establishing a liaison between national civil defence organizations. This year, the theme of World Civil Defence Day 2022, is “Civil defence and management of displaced populations in face of disasters and crises; role of volunteers and the fight against pandemics”. During the pandemic and other disasters, the members of civil defence and general volunteers have participated in many support programs. One of the greatest things about civil defence is that people don’t have to be military persons or medical personnel to save or protect lives during any emergency events.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, civil defence has worked extensively. However, some people have seen the efforts of civil defence as a form of panic-raising and exaggeration of events. The World Civil Defence Day works to create awareness about the work and importance of civil defence. This is day reminds us to pay tribute and recognize the contributions and efforts of these underappreciated heroes who protect and support us during hard times. 

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