On 2 September 2020, we celebrated the world coconut day with prosperity in some parts of the world. This all-rounder fruit is used in numerous ways around the globe. September 2 is largely celebrated as world coconut day, and the main objective behind this celebration is to create awareness around the world about the significance of coconut and how it is beneficial to humanity.

The coconut day is mainly distinct in nations under the Asian and Pacific regions by the ‘Asian and Pacific Coconut Community' (APCC). Moreover, the world coconut day is to praise the foundation day of APCC, which regulates under the flagship administration of the ‘United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific’ (UN-ESCAP). The nations under the APCC are the centre of the world's coconut production.

In 2018, the nations with the highest amounts of coconuts were Indonesia with 19M tonnes, the Philippines with 14M tonnes and India with 12M tonnes, combined 72% share globally. Moreover, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Mexico and Thailand were a little behind, together containing 16%. In terms of market values, India ranked first at $10B, then the Philippines with $6.7B and Indonesia with $4.5B, with a collective share of 60% in the international market. The first-ever celebration of world coconut day was in the year 2009. Moreover, the International Coconut Community (ICC) served as the establishment founding partner.

The theme for the day is determined by the International Coconut Community, like every year. And the 2020 theme was, ‘Invest in Coconut to save the world’. It is an annual ritual, a great number of coconut farmers, industrialist of coconut productions and businessmen support this occasion every year. Several awareness themes, specialized seminars about the significance of coconut farming is included in the event, aiming to develop coconut farming.

World Coconut Day is perceived to generate widespread awareness about its countless advantages. Coconuts are exotic and nutritive fruits, and the entire tree of the coconut has multiple advantages since the prehistoric periods. And because of this, coconut trees are cultivated for both commercial and household usage.

The coconuts are extremely vibrant in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are used in several food products, coconut milk, and coconut flour as well. The coconuts are similarly used in various skin and hair products. The tough shell of the coconut is traditionally utilized to steam food and to produce fire. The shells are also a traditional craft material, various elegant craft items are prepared out of them.

Communities in many rural locations earn their living from creating ropes out of coconut husk, and it becomes a productive business for them. They also create fences, shelters for huts, brooms, fuel for the fire, with the use of coconut trees. The flowers of coconut even used as an element in multiple ancestral treatments. After prospering the world with economic and social integrity, the coconut fruit moreover conveys the definition of tasting heaven on Earth



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