Gulmarg is a popular tourist destination situated in the western Himalayas in India. It is already famous for its snow-capped mountains, orchards of apples, and dense snowy forests. But now, the world’s largest igloo cafe is at this beautiful place too.

Gulmarg is now home to a massive igloo at the Kolahoi Green Group of Hotels and Resort. Recently, this place has been receiving a lot of attention due to its massive igloo. This giant igloo is completely made out of snow and ice and it has snow tables with goatskin desks and benches. This project was started in December 2021 by its owner Waseem Shah and his team. And it has been completed and opened. Moreover, with its height of 38 feet and a diameter of 44 feet, this igloo cafe will soon also be registered in the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest cafe of its kind.

The interior of the igloo has been decorated nicely with intricate ice sculptures and carvings on the walls. The 10 tables inside the igloo have the capacity of 40 people comfortably seating at once. The cafe provides Kashmir's famous traditional Kahwa drink to its customers inside the igloo. 

The igloo is located about 8,600 feet above sea level, and it is about 540 miles north of New Delhi. Currently, the owners of Igloo Cafe are expecting it to be open to the public until March 15, because average temperatures will begin to rise above freezing point, throughout the month of March. However, this whole season, this large igloo has been attracting massive crowds to the beautiful land of Gulmarg. And visiting this igloo can be an incredible experience for the tourists! 

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