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In recent times, the new age karma is having its moment in the limelight in the entire world. Transiting from Eastern religions to Western pop culture, karma is the part of every civilization now. The reason behind its increasing rage is that it describes the concept of getting back whatever you put forth, good or bad, into the universe. Kicking a stone and breaking your toe is a kind of karma. The broken toe is not a punishment but a consequence of your action. It gets trickier as karma relates to the life, death and the cycles of life.

It is basically a belief that whatever you do will come back to you. And nowadays, when terrorism and outrage are increasing in humanity, the karma is similarly bouncing back with it. Indeed, a terrorist attack that happened in Somalia proved precisely how karma works.

On 2 February 2016, a Daallo Airline Flight took off from Mogadishu, Somalia. It was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by the Somalia-owned airlines. But 20 minutes after taking off from Mogadishu at 11:00 local time, en route to Djibouti City, at an altitude of about 14,000 ft, an explosion emerged aboard the aircraft, opening a hole in the fuselage behind the R2 door. It was reported that the explosion was most likely close to the forward wing root and the fuel tanks. There were 74 passengers and 7 crew on board at the time of the incident. Reacting to the explosion, flight attendants moved passengers to the rear of the aircraft. The pilots alerted Mogadishu tower, reporting a pressurisation problem, but did not declare an emergency. The aircraft returned to Aden Adde International Airport and performed an emergency landing.

The flight had been delayed before its departure, so at the time of the explosion, the aircraft was not yet at cruising altitude and the cabin was not yet fully pressurized. It was thought that a passenger carried a laptop which had been rigged with a timer device to explode a bomb mid-flight. All the passengers on board were meant to board a Turkish Airlines flight, which was cancelled on the morning of 2 February due to poor weather conditions. This resulted in Daallo Airlines rerouting the passengers to Djibouti, where they would be transferred to a Turkish Airlines flight.

After the entire investigation, more than 20 people were arrested in connection with the incident and Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization thought to be behind the blast that ripped a hole in the side of the plane. Only two injuries were reported, and a man named Abdisalam Borleh was sucked out from the aircraft, landing in the town of Dhiiqaaley near Balad, Somalia, it was found by nearby residents. Now the unusual part of the tragedy is that the man who was sucked out from the plane was the suicide bomber himself and he was the only fatality happened in the incident, asserting the recent concept of instant karma, in which the causality of one's actions is immediate rather than carried out over a lifetime. So next time something big or bad happens to you, take a minute and think about whether it could be your own karma..!