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Afghanistan has been stuck in a heavy storm of tragedies for the last few days. Recently, the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani left the capital of the nation Kabul. Ghani's departure came after the discussions for a peaceful transfer of power after Taliban soldiers seized the capital. Till now, the Taliban has captured around 26 out of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. In recent times, the Taliban have shifted closer to gaining total command of Afghanistan. Militants of the Taliban had a full takeover of Afghanistan on 15th August after capturing more major cities, and it has additionally captured Kabul, which seems to have fallen completely. The Taliban militants have likewise taken charge of the key eastern city of Jalalabad after seizing the northern stronghold of Mazar-I-Sharif, extending their militia rule.

Presently, the Taliban has power over all the major regions of Afghanistan. It regulates all the roads to neighboring Pakistan as well. and thus, people have been queuing and creating a mess at the airport to escape. People are seeking to escape from Afghanistan after the Taliban's invasion because the group has been allegedly connected in several terrorist activities and has been involved in many brutal acts of beheadings, hangings, and assaults. And this destructive association is expected to be in total control in Afghanistan within weeks. Many people are trying to escape from the place and some videos have also gone viral on the internet. The whole world was upset when it witnessed some nerve-racking visuals of Afghans hanging on to the tires of flights leaving the country from Kabul and then two of them falling off from the sky after take-off.

Several chaotic scenes were noted in the Kabul region after the Taliban succeeded to capture the capital. Disorder exploded in various regions with congestion of citizens and non-existent protection. Passengers were then seen waiting at the tarmac of the airport in long queues in the hopes of leaving Afghanistan at the earliest. There has been a wave of fear among people because now the Taliban will rule on the land of Afghanistan, just like it did around 20 years ago. This militant organization has allegedly been behind several killings and terrorism activities in different regions. And many attacks by the Taliban have been part of huge propaganda value for the group to boost their morale and recruitment. Numerous towns and districts have remained under constant Taliban threat as well.

In 2001, Taliban militants were ordering the land of Afghanistan, but they were later separated from control in that region by the US military. In later years, peace talks were continuing between diplomats of the Afghan Government and the Taliban. But in April 2021, US President Joe Biden declared that America will withdraw its troops by August. And then gradually, all the peace talks collapsed between both the parties, as Taliban militants started to seize more territory in northern Afghanistan and some other regions.

Map of Afghanistan showing Taliban offensive 2021
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Numerous Afghani soldiers likewise began surrendering to the Taliban as the Taliban proceeded to stimulate its campaign to gain control over Afghanistan. When US President Joe Biden confirmed the withdrawal of the military, it ended its 20 years of presence in Afghanistan in July 2021. During July and August, there were some cruel assaults by the Taliban. And the breakdown of Afghanistan's American and European partners to protect it from the Taliban has become quite visible now. And even the militants’ terrifying and rapid invasion has confirmed a destructive collapse of Afghan forces.

The Taliban has declared its compliance to initiate a peaceful transfer of power in Afghanistan. While there are apparent differences over the results of the Taliban takeover, there are no doubts about the massive unfavorable impact it may have due to the Taliban. And with the Taliban taking over the region of Afghanistan, it has become a more complicated matter. Afghanistan is an active representation of the multi-ethnic purposes of a considerably different nation for the majority of Afghans. But presently the pace of the destruction of Afghanistan with its government and military has been striking. This situation will now push countless conclusions about what went wrong and who is to blame. However, the current situation is speaking volumes to overcome this massive humanitarian tragedy falling in this war-torn country.

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