The Indian Ocean has a massive contribution to the water expanse of the whole world. Covering the whole expanse of the area south of the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Ocean is a vast feature of the earth’s geographical blueprint. A trainer-student due has completed a great endeavor of crossing the Indian ocean. The trainer Babul Gurung and his student Kasturi Gogoi from Assam have swum across the Indian Ocean and created a world record to enter the Guinness Book of Records.

Babul Gurung and Kasturi Gogoi started swimming from Sri Lanka’s Colombo and arrived on the Indian shores of Tamil Nadu, crossing the Indian Ocean. The total distance covered in the course of the feat was 110 km, with a 19-hour journey. Their attempt was assisted by both the Indian and Sri Lankan Navy, along with the All-India Swimming Federation. The Government of Assam along with the Assam Swimming Association had also extended their support to the two swimmers.

Kasturi Gogoi is a 10-year-old swimming sensation from the North-eastern state of Assam who has won multiple national swimming contests. And her trainer Babul Gurung is a National Gold Medallist swimmer from Assam and a swimming coach. And he is also the first gold medallist in the Assam National Open Water Sea-Swimming competition. And with this duo’s latest achievement of crossing the Indian Ocean, they have also become the first to attempt the endeavor from northeast India to swim across the Indian Ocean.

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