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You must have heard about some exceptional and unique sports activities in our world which mandate multiple pieces of training and skill for the players. Various players use various strategies to play their game, and function according to them. But one unique sport is extremely unusual from others as it happens ‘underwater,’ and day by day it is obtaining a tremendous rage among several cultures. This prominent game is named as “Under Water Cycling.”

As noticeable from its name, it is a sport that involves riding a bicycle underwater, in which a rider wears scuba diving gear and rides a bicycle in an underwater course. It is an extremely difficult sport that requires a high level of strength and endurance. A world record holder in underwater cycling, Mr. Innocente declares that he first had the idea for underwater bike riding whilst instructing a group of German tourists’ scuba diving off the island of Elba, 25 years ago. He explains that when one member of the group simply saw a rusty bicycle on the seabed, he pulled it up and tried to ride it. Having travelled to the wilds of Alaska and the grasslands of Kenya, a few years ago he decided to combine his cycling with his other great passion, scuba diving. Because of his numerous world records, it is obvious that Mr. Innocente dominates the world of underwater cycling.

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Underwater cycling can be done in a swimming pool or on the beds of massive oceans or lakes. Riders use only a few specially designed ‘dense bicycles’ and wear scuba diving gear to take part. There are a few types of underwater cycling races. And the most widespread type of race is for riding the lengthiest distance. In this type of race, each contestant individually rides a course with their own crew and tape their distance and timings. The stats are then verified and submitted.

There are also some competitions that experiment on the speed of cycles under the water, where riders separately record the time obtained to finish off a fixed length. A few immediate races for underwater cycling also happen, in which a restricted number of riders simultaneously run on a specially organized program with numerous turns. These programs are generally about half a mile long, and the matter-of-fact is to win the race. Irrespective of the category of race, the riders at any point are not allowed to lay their feet on the floor, lagging which outcomes in disqualification from the game.

Underwater cycling requires a lot of strength and thus, it is very important to stay fit to perform it. Some individuals around the world are initiating with an innovative workout plan, named as “Aqua-Cycling.” In this, learners get on immovable bikes that are drowned in 3-4 feet of water, and they're expected to pedal against the resistance of the water. These water-based pieces of training have ascertained to be beneficial for many categories of exercisers, especially those with restricted mobility or healing from an injury. The water's thickness helps contribute backing to working muscles and joints, and the moisture in the pool pulls heat away from the body and help restrain the body temperature. There is also an extra difference in the water, which makes some activities and workouts more problematic than on land.

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The man who said to be the developer of underwater cycling trend is likewise a great rider and carries several records for the same. Going on with his marvels, Mr Innocente, 62, hit the deepest underwater cycling with 66.5 m (218 ft 2.11 in) and in Santa Margherita, Italy, on 21 July 2008. The world record was verified by the judge of the World Guinness Records, Lucia Sinigagliesi, who had come from London specifically to witness the record attempt. This new outcome enhanced Innocente's own record of 60m, set three years ago. Mr Innocente, who undertakes these record attempts for charity, says he is on a mission to prove that mountain bikes can be ridden anywhere.

Mr Innocente is not the only one to make world record in underwater cycling, a man covered the longest distance ever cycled underwater, 6.7 km (4.16 miles) and this Guinness World Record was taken by Jens Stoetzner in 2013. Another world record was taken by Homar Leuci in 2017, when he drove the longest distance cycled on a bike, underwater and in a single breath is 855 m.

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Ashrita Furman set Guinness World Records' farthest distance cycled underwater, 3.04 km, in 2011.
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Today, underwater cycling is not just a sport, but moreover a thrilling and enduring activity for several people in the world. It is enacted as a stunt, usually done for charity. The underwater bike race is an annual charity fundraising event organized by Discovery in North Carolina, United States. Underwater cycling is presently sweeping across the world, and numerous people are approaching underwater cycling races in recent years. It is also for people to have fun with and prepare for the competitions. It is effortlessly possible to execute these races on seabed or in extensive swimming pools, and this brings in a more intriguing outlook for everyone in the world.