The British royal family have always been in talks for their grand events and dynamic decisions. The present royal family comprise Queen Elizabeth II and all her ancestry relations. However, there is no strict formal definition of who is or who is not a member of the British royal family. The grand Buckingham palace is the residential place of this royal family. And It is not too much of a surprise that there are some centuries of traditions, customs, and rules of the British royal family, put in place that are still attached today. Some of these policies make sense and are rooted deep in history, but others are still undefined and quite strange. The following facts showcase the weirdest policies the royal family has to follow.

1. When the queen stops eating, others should also stop eating..!

There are hundreds of strict dining rules for those who have the privilege of eating with the royal family. And one of the major ones involves keeping track of the queen. This rule goes back to the era of Queen Victoria, who was a notoriously fast eater. And the moment the Queen stops eating, everyone needs to stop too.

2. Two heirs of the royal family are not allowed to travel together..!

To safeguard the heirs to the throne, those in line for the throne are usually not supposed to travel together. However, Prince William broke that rule in 2014 when he took his infant son, Prince George, on a trip with him and the Duchess of Cambridge to Australia and New Zealand.

3. The handbag of the queen is not just for carrying things, but it works as a symbol of secret messages..!

Many of us maintain some secret codes with our friends and family for some specific situations. The queen is spotted in public, carrying around her handbag, and the queen is said to use her bag to send secret codes. For instance, if she puts her bag on the table at dinner it means she wants the event she is attending to end in the next 5 minutes.

4. The royal family is not supposed to eat the shellfish..!

The royal family is not allowed to eat shellfish, because it is one of the food sections that tend to have a higher risk of food poisoning than others. So, for the royal family, avoiding shellfish is preventive more than anything. While shellfish is not allowed, the royal family is similarly very careful about other things such as meat that's too rare, water in foreign nations and anything they suspect may recline badly with them.

5. The dogs at the royal place has their menu and eat better than most people..!

It is expected that the queen of England's dogs would get the royal treatment, but her dog truly lives the royal life. There is a special menu for all the royal dogs. The dishes in this menu include meat, lamb and rabbit and the chefs would make sure there weren't any bones with chopped meat pieces and other food delicacies.

6. The game of Monopoly is not allowed to play..!

The board games didn't exist in Elizabethan or Victorian eras, and now the game of Monopoly is forbidden for the royal family. While it's extremely difficult to imagine this rule being enforced, there is something about the game that rubs the royal family the wrong way.

7. They always keep all black clothes with them..!

This one is one of the most crucial customs of the royal family. The members of the royal family need to pack an entirely black outfit. This is not about style, but in case a member of their family dies, or if a significant figure in the country they are visiting passes away, they must be all prepared with an outfit for mourning no matter what.