Since the invention of smartphones and other gaming platforms, in the 19th century, playgrounds are losing their charm. Technology has overtaken playgrounds and today children prefer to play in technology rather than on playgrounds.

I am from the 90s generation when such type of technology was not so popular, and we used to play in parks and playgrounds. So I would choose to play on playgrounds. And no doubt having fun on playgrounds is much more enjoyable than having in technology. Kids these days will never understand what it feels like to have fun with your friends on playgrounds, playing those classic outdoor games, like hide and seek, chiclets, maram pitti (an Indian version of dodgeball), and many others.

Today, children spend hours sitting in front of technology, playing on smartphones or other gaming platforms. When we were kids we used to have fun on playgrounds, playing many outdoor games, and our mothers have to take us home forcefully. But today’s kids’ parents have to request them or you can say have to force them to go outside and play with their friends on playgrounds. Technology has taken away today’s kids’ childhood.

Why would I choose to have fun on the grounds? 

I would choose to have fun on playgrounds because it is much more enjoyable to play those classic outdoor games with your friends under an open sky. Playing outdoors is so much fun and you gain a lot in the process as well. Most importantly, we make new friends. You learn how to socialize, empathize with nature, and develop a strong bond, all of it at the cost of becoming healthier and wiser. In contrast, technology leads us to a sense of disconnect and isolation, and we become anti-social.

Having fun on the grounds keeps us physically active while having fun with technology makes us lazy and many have to wear glasses at an early age because of weak eyesight. Because playing video games in front of screens weakens our eyesight. Sitting for long hours in the same place, in front of gaming consoles, makes us prone to many diseases, such as weak eyesight and migraine. It increases the risk of chronic health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer. It also makes our mental health worse. Today, kids are victims of obesity which ultimately leads to diabetes and other health problems, because sitting for long hours at one place, and just eating, and no physical activity will make them obese.

Playing on the grounds improves our motor skills and overall health. Spending active time outdoors as a kid is also important for life-long health. Children that are active in their early years generally continue to be more active as they age. Encouraging outdoor play in young children helps develop a healthy attitude about maintaining an active adult lifestyle.

Playing outdoors helps us in staying connected with nature. As a child, when you play outdoors, you are in close association with nature. This will inculcate a love for nature from a young age itself. Technology keeps us disconnected from nature and we prefer to stay at home playing video games.

Video Games are addictive, and so this has a negative influence on sleep quality as well. Being obsessed with these games keep us deprived of a good night’s sleep and as a result, we often feel fatigued, irritated, and anxious. On the other hand, outdoor physical activities have a positive impact on our sleep quality. Physical activities use a lot of energy, leaving the body tired and worn out. The effect will be falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Children who play outdoors tend to develop a positive attitude towards life and have a calmer and happier disposition. Also, outdoor play provides a great opportunity to channelize their energy in a meaningful way. While children playing video games become violent and irritated.

I have made my choice and I prefer to have fun outdoors, and I recommend you too to choose to have fun outdoors and enjoy the various benefits of outdoor physical activities and protect yourself from various health issues of having fun in technology. Make a choice keeping your and your child’s health in mind.

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