Our nation has a rich and varied tradition of folk art. It originates from tribes in several parts of our nation. Warli art respects nature and wildlife as they provide us sustenance for our life. It is an outcome of a basic art technique. The drawings are created on the inside walls of village huts. The walls are made of a mix of branches, earth, and red brick. Walls are painted to mark specific occasions like weddings, harvests, etc. They use simple basic designs like a circle, a triangle, a square, etc. 

The circle made from nature shows the sun and the moon while the triangle is taken from mountains and trees. The square shows a sacred enclosure. The drawings represent hunting, fishing, farming, festivals. Warli art form is beautifully executed and shows historic cave paintings. The motifs represent the life and aspiration of the tribals of our nation. It shows harmony between themselves and with nature. It uses a series of dots and dashes. It draws straight lines in its art form. It is impactful in form of huge murals. It is created by tribes from the North Sahyadri Range of our nation. We can see stick-like figures in movement always in its drawings. It depicts humans and animals engaged in different day-to-day activities.

Source: wikimedia

Warli drawings are a part of the community, a part of their social lives, and part of their well-being. It is linked with various customs, festivals, and essential phases of their life. It is done on the mud walls of the house. Its drawings narrate a folk story. It represents interdependence between humans and nature. It uses a simple and beautiful technique. Basic shapes are used to show symbols of life and the world around them. It depicts the celebration of festivities. 

Floral motifs, animals, and day-to-day life are common themes with the tree of life being an essential theme. It shows happiness and celebration in its drawings. It represents a sense of togetherness. It symbolizes the balance of the universe. It beautifully shows tribal artistic form. Uniformity, purity, and simplicity are three forms of Warli paintings. It is a brilliant form of art, embellish your personal spaces with different forms of Warli art.

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