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There was a family of three members, A mother, father, and son. where parents were both employees. The couple used to go to their offices every day morning and they used to return home by evening by leaving their son alone in the home. That boy daily after watching YouTube suddenly created Instagram and Facebook accounts and started to follow girls on social media started to keep friend requests started to chat with them suddenly a girl posted a video Brahma Sri Guru Chaganti Koteswara Rao guru's, he suddenly clicked on that post and saw many other videos of him in facebook were in that he got influenced and got motivated by his other discourses. Before listening to Guruji, he used to be very naughty, arrogant, rude in behaviour, And not take his life seriously as a student.

That boy learnt many things from Guruji’s speeches:

  • Became rich in character
  • Being kind-hearted and Pure soul.
  • Following some set of guidelines of life
  • Showing Respect towards elders.
  • Being a responsible citizen of this society
  • By taking care of Nature and the environment
  • By having some self-control over emotions (example:- Patience and anger management)
  • Being needy and helpful to everyone
  • By Having good manners and good habits
  • Being Polite, obedient, and humble
  • Being devoted to God
  • Being by Spiritual in nature
  • Being ethical with good moral values and beliefs
  • Positive Attitude and a good mindset and mentality.
  • Dedicated towards the work
  • Being inspirational, ideal, and role model to others.

Chaganti Koteswara Rao guru’s speeches were about Dharma, where he explains about Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha

The meaning of it tells us if we follow, agree, admire, accept Dharma (Justice) it’ll save us as well. The importance of learning Dharma is as important in implementing it in reality. Just knowing /listening that Dharma will be of no use until executing it in the right way and a correct path. About Dharma we need to know one thing, there is no rule that if we follow Dharma, it may or may not give us instant/immediate results. Dharma is similar to Agriculture, Everything has a particular Sequence just how a farmer cultivates his field, To gain good crops, there should be a balance of rain and sunlight, his roles in protecting the crop well from organisms lastly, the final results are seen in the hands of the farmer by doing a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination. In the same way, Dharma also takes a lot of time to show its best results. The same applies to Adharma(injustice) too. Both Dharma and Adharma the results are not shown immediately. You need to wait for the results to come at the right time. Generally, Dharma resembles great epics like Mahabharath, Sri Ramayan, Bhagavatham, and Vedha’s, these all are just not only the lessons of life but we need to understand, implement and apply them correctly in our lives, by examining thoroughly Sri Ramayan we can clearly understand that both Lord Sri Ram and Ravana know about everything about Dharma. Right in front of Ravana, Lord Sri Ram was able to stand because whatever Lord Sri Ram learned in his life he implemented them correctly in a right way but Ravana didn’t. 

That’s the reason for the failure of Ravana. By following some set of guidelines of life and implementing Dharma made Lord Sri Rama gain victory on the battlefield with Ravana. Even in the most difficult times also Unless until you hold /stick to the Dharma properly it doesn’t save you for sure. Dharma does not change how others behave. Dharma doesn’t have partiality as a son we need to respect our parents as a student we should obey our teachers. In this kali era, the one who protects Dharma is known as Lord Sri Rama. We should never lose our Dharma in any kind of sort of situation

God has given 5 senses to all human beings in this world equally. We have to make the best use of these five senses what we have to follow the Dharma in the right way. We should never let Dharma go. There is an example given by Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu

That If you are having a stick in your home, there is a dog at your street, as your having that stick at your home doesn’t stop that dog coming to you but unless and until you have the same stick in your hand makes the dog not to come back of you. In the same way, We should learn and implement the (right things) Dharma in our real life.

Life gives us many challenges and pain throughout the human’s journey in it, even though in most of the difficulties Being Human beings some people may choose to give up on Dharma but we should never leave it because God keeps some Tests on us to check our patience and emotion levels, Whether we lose our Dharma or not. Do your part of protecting Dharma it will automatically save you when you need its help when the right times come. So Let’s all together join our hands in protecting Dharma. Let us be good and do good.

On one day, the boy's parents noticed the change in him and identified that he created a Facebook account and listened to Guruji’s speeches and discourses well. And slowly the whole family turned into spiritual by listening to all the discourses of Brahma Sri Guru Chaganti Koteswara Rao guru's. And led a happy and successful life.

Social media not only rules the world but in a devotional way also can change one’s life for the best. Whereby the discourses of guruji, the boy and his whole family were able to change as a complete human being with full humanity and Mankind.

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