Source: gene1970 from Pixabay 

This is a Strange Story where I heard it from my grandmother, she said it to me in my childhood many times, this story has happened 70 years ago, my grandparents were a happy couple. There was an old building where my grandfather got it for less amount in those days. Because of some rumours about that building that there is a ghost in it, but my grandfather is the one, he didn’t believe in ghosts and bought it, decided to remodel it as a palace (Rajmahal). My grandfather gifted that rajmahal to my grandmother as the token of love of life. 

My grandfather had a close friend called Sesikaran. He was a doctor, a psychiatrist who was an expert in treating mentally ill patients and ghost-possessed people. While my grandfather decided to shift the whole family. After a few days, the building was looking so royal and magnificent, all of them shifted to rajmahal, after few days living in that Building, everything is going well except in one person, there were some changes observed in my grandmother, their lot of strange things happened with my grandmother, she was crying all the night and laughing aloud like an evil, then Dr. Sesikaran studied about the building, they got to know few interesting things about that palace, here there is a Ghost called Amulyavathi, She has a separate room in that building where her room was located at the southwest of the palace. 

Amulyavathi was too beautiful, a talented dancer was taken by the king of that place and was locked in that palace, she had a boyfriend called Rajashekar, where he was killed in the Sabah in front of everyone. Later she too was also killed and burnt with fire, From then her soul is roaming in that building as a ghost. The evil soul is burning inside to kill that king, she was locked in her room in a pot by Priest. Later everyone in the house got to know the whole story of Amulyavathi. My grandmother was too empathetic towards Her, due to curiosity she opened the lock of Amulyavathi’s room, my grandmother went to the room, saw the photograph of Amulyavathi, and saw Amulyavathi’s jewelry and clothes in the wardrobe, my grandmother got dressed up same like Amulyavathi, behaved herself as Amulyavathi. My grandmother cleaned the room of Amulyavathi’s pot which was hanging at top of her photograph was accidentally broken hardly while cleaning it, the soul of Amulyavathi’s came out Later my grandmother was possessed by Amulyavathi, Sesikaren understood the whole thing here. He thought to treat and cure her. But he know that Amulyavathi was in a great desire to kill that king who killed her boyfriend (Rajashekhar). So Sesikaren stood himself as that king in front of her. Played a game and manipulated Amulyavathi who is in my grandmother’s body. 

Finally, he was able to take her soul to the universe, in this way Sesikaran as a psychiatrist Got rid of that ghost from my grandmother. My grandmother and grandfather thanked Sesikaran for his contribution of helping in saving my grandmother from that ghost Amulyavathi, they led a happy life in the same building where there is no ghosts and fear to them and they lived peacefully for the rest of their life. Well, that was a beautiful and happy ending.

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