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Today we are free. Though we are politically free, the economic freedom is yet to come. We have not yet marched so much ahead, as we should have. Hence, much progress is still needed.


Our problems stand in the way of our progress. Overpopulation, unemployment, untouchability, communalism, and casteism, narrow – mindedness and corruption are our major problems. Unless they are tackled properly, we cannot march forward.

Overpopulation and unemployment:

Overpopulation is the main problem. The problem of unemployment is connected with it. Jobs are limited. So everybody cannot be employed. An unemployed person loses the charm of his life. He becomes a burden to society. So the government should do its best to check the rapid growth of the population. Individuals must co-operate with the government.


Untouchability is a curse. It has created hatred and jealousy among the people. One suffers from the inferiority of complex and the other is full of vanity. In a democratic country, all should be equal. There should be no privilege for anyone.


It is of utmost necessity. At present, people are divided on the basis of religion, caste, and community. The communal forces are at work. Mandal and kamandal have become the fashion of the day. We must realize- “who stands if India falls?” we must know that every man has a right to live; first we are Indians then Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Sikhs. Unless we feel like this, there is no hope for progress. This can be done with the spread of true education. A purposeful education is fatal to narrow–mindedness.


If we want to march forward towards peace, prosperity, equality, and social justice, we should be cautious, honest, sincere, law-abiding, and broad-minded.

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