Art is expressing, the supreme form of expressing yourself. And the amazing part is the person who is listening, reading, watching the form of art, has the freedom to recite through his heart. There is a saying “Beauty Lies in The Eyes of The Beholder” which implies the artwork. Two different people can see the same thing in two different ways. A form of painting, which may be so colorful, that every color can say its mood. And the same implies to the black and white sketch, which has its own shades of the rainbow to express itself. Every tiny little art has its own language, and each one would understand it in a different way. It’s simple "A mode of Expression, is art.” The most satisfying thing about it is when you are able to relate to it. Whether it is agony or it is euphoric, it relieves pain or enhances your mood. It’s a kind of therapy. This is the power of art.

Music is a form of art, a performing or an auditory art. Using a single instrument, combination of instruments, or with the addition of vocals. According to history and search, music was invented way back in ancient times. It is also believed that music came first before language, although that remains controversial. There are few theories on these topics, where hypothetically there are theories about what came first and what were the means of communication. Whatever may be the history, or is believed,

“Music itself is a kind of language, which can be understood, without having any barriers." 

A particular song in a particular country can travel thousands of miles away from its origin. It can still be understood and loved in the same passion as the country of origin. It just requires the love affair with music. Also, while in a live concert, a musician/singer can just pull the strings of instruments and the audience can go wild. Even though there are multiple languages across the globe, or every single country has several languages, still the most remote part of the world has its own unique style of music, and still, it can be understood. Regardless of, the area is developed or underdeveloped, there is a kind of music, which the people belonging to the area are influenced. We can agree here, music can connect us, overcoming the barriers of language, region, religion, or race.

Music is such an influential means; it has the ability to change the mood. It can uplift, pacify, make you weep, scream, or even make you laugh. Just listening to a particular song can actually take you to the place where we had those memories as well as the desire to achieve the dream which we have pictured. Very few things have the capability to still time. Music is one of those things which has the ability to still time. We just need to deep dive into the rhythm and float on the notes. Closing eyes and experiencing that depth is another level of contemplation. It's just magical to have that opportunity to experience as an audience or even an artist.

Music is not only an art of pleasure, it's a kind of therapy. It has been proven in medical science that music therapy can work wonders. Particular types of classical forms are used in particular diagnoses. There are different forms or types of music therapies. Instrumental music can help enhance a therapy session and give supplementary benefits. Before starting a counseling session, few therapists make use of a particular rhythm to improve the ability to focus. Few studies have also suggested a pain-relieving factor. It is believed that it has healing effects. Yoga sessions are also equipped with music to enhance focus. In gyms, loud and heavy music beats are played just to put on rhythm or to keep you running on the treadmill. It keeps you going and maintains the rhythm through the beats. Zumba classes won't be in existence if there was no music played. I think an exercising session with music and without music would be a way different in terms of duration and continuity. And last but not the least, during sleepless nights we tend to switch to some calming music which can aid sleep. We can just keep on illustrating many such examples, where music is an inseparable part.

If we consider types of therapies, few types will work on the physical level, few will work on your mental health. However, discussing the benefits and the type of therapy, music has dual benefits. It will have effects on mental as well as physical health. Nevertheless, the benefits would extend to a level, which is spiritual. And to learn or practice this therapy or an art form doesn't require much professional knowledge. Although for experiencing maximum benefits and to enjoy to the fullest, one should always learn it professionally.

Another facet of music is its connection with religion. Every religion in the world has a kind of music linked to it. Every offer we make towards God, whether it is praying or celebrating a festival, we sing or play a kind of song. And these types of songs give a connection or bonding which automatically binds with the worship. Even though there are so many religions across the world, songs/music can be considered as a common platform used in the offerings towards God. And the same infers to important events in life like weddings, festivals, those would be incomplete without some flavors of music.

I think an artist himself or herself is a mystical person, who can just focus on his thoughts and mold those thoughts into a beautiful form of art. It requires so much concentration, patience and at the same time, it requires getting driven away. He has the ability to show and put his emotions into a form, which is visible, which can be seen, heard, touched, and even felt. This is what makes an artist a supernatural person. The level of perception of an artist is very high and requires way too much and a unique kind of creativity. Art is a beautiful gift which we have got, otherwise without the different types of art, life would have been so mechanical.

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