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While the morning sun was rising, after 16 years, a forty-six-year-old man that had not smiled for years having null hope on life got released from jail like a lame horse. Wearing white pants and a grey T-shirt he walked into a park of that city. Seated alone on a stone bench opposite a tree he observed a bird trying to seek the attention of another bird, it was mesmerizing and felt cute to him, he gave an ironic smile and said “Arya”.

“Ethiopians, oh hahaha… If we start…. You cannot take our atrocities, not even the sleeping government.

SOMS stop it.. else you’ll get crushed... SOMS stop it…oh hahaha”.

The voice of a conqueror Arya reverbs from the concert her voice vocalizes through the country every day nurturing flames of rebellion against brutality.

On the streets of Ethiopia, around 11.30 pm after the concert a twenty-year-old woman named Clara was struggling to escape the kidnappers, who are associates of SOMS. Even though it was quite a common sighting barbarity in Ethiopia, as seeing sand on the beach, people around the situation tried to save her but two of them ruthlessly got shot by SOMS so others stood still.

The next morning there was no news on the last night issue, as no such thing happened. Even the streets did not show a sign of loss. Despite this, The country is known for its colorful streets, Plenty of Chalk artists make the country, colorful and spread peace. Theo was one among them but with a twist. Most artists paint on peace and patriotism, but Theo at all times paints a fierce beauty, pop singer Arya who clearly articulates voice against “SOMS”.

Theo’s Everyday fascination was to turn up at Arya’s concert, he enjoyed all of hers and go over even the small things and recreate them through his colors and his unique perspective, it seemed as his one never-ending fondness. Just after the concert ended and the pop girl was returning home, the evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange tint to the sky, but the normal route Arya takes was closed due to vandalism, which in turn made her take the path of the street where Theo used to paint usually. While the light around her was dimming, she adores the light in her portrayed in each painting she not able to hold back, asks her driver to stop the car to notice the artist’s name which was neatly scribbled ‘Theo’ at the corner of the portrait.

The next day even though the usual way was accessible, yesterday showed her a new way that she was not willing to change. She was looking amused about all those paintings and unexpectedly she saw a new painting of her half-done and a sturdy tall man in sweaters and paint smeared all over his pants painting it. Arya was delighted and wanted to meet him, considering the danger of SOMS her bodyguard did not allow her to get down from the car, who was appointed from India for her safety. But she said in a polite and charming tone as always,

“Guys I am just getting down for my fan. I don’t see a problem at all, I am fine.” and she got down from her car, walk towards Theo, and called him by gently patting his shoulders. And she noticed his brown eyes, rich and soft, just like chocolate with such comparison, and evoked strong connections to her, Theo gets embarrassed on seeing her and spills his paint in unexplainable nervousness. She chuckled softly and make him cool and said “Thank you for your love and the paintings” and she left the place.

After this Arya made a new route the regular route for seeing his paintings but summing it all down it was just not for the paintings. Day after day it starts with a hi and ends with a bye and sharing foods and snacks after the guard’s testing was getting more of a habitual thing. both came to know about each other, the next word the other is going to utter, feelings were not individual anymore the felt the same feelings.

The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun and the upcoming days were the weekend both went to a nearby park to spend some time. As the very first sentence she put forward “Theo, are you taken?” in a puzzled tone. He just smiled and replied “Not yet …., but I am taken by your music and voice”.

The intense face of her turned all shades of pink and gave a beaming smile and replied “Fortunately Art loves another art, but unfortunately this artist loves…..” with grave silence both looked into their eyes and she whispered in a husky voice “ you..”. and laid on his promising shoulder.

Arya asked, why aren’t you replying anything and further added “ Are you thinking of how to get married to a woman who is against SOMS?”. He softly replied in an endearing tone“ Is there any rule like that to think it of? huh!!” and laughs “No Rule In Love, Arya, and No barriers.” Said Theo. And he hugged her. They were in a great relationship for more than a month, life became better for each other with the other by side.

All went well for them and planned to get married and the big date was the 1st of September 2002. A week before the marriage, there were no new paintings on the wall, no sign of them. The thought of marriage works was difficult and that’s why he did not create new paintings that made sense to Arya and did not bother much. But was not able to convince her for a long time, so she went to his street and searched for his home and asked for him to the local people with her guards.

But the people stated assuredly such a person was inexistent living there. She wasn’t able to process things after hearing it, and not having the heart to know what occurred to him with tears running down her gleaming chin, racing heart, and a pounding head took her car and went to her room. By the time of dawn, Theo sent a message to her through one of his guards to meet her tomorrow.

The next day at the same park she came leaving her guards outside the park. Theo apologized to her for not making any paintings and said the reason that he went to the hospital with her sister for a checkup. she said nothing instead asked in a deep tone “you know why am I against SOMS ?” he nodded his head as a form of acceptance, With a heavy voice she said “ my friend was one of the victims of that brutal bastards. And many small girls who didn’t deserve all that too.” He was perplexed and in dismay “why are you narrating this now?” Arya “See I just sacrifice my entire life in raising my voice against those bastards. I wish to change the things Theo .” and started crying inconsolably. Theo held her hands and whispered “hey, why are you crying, I can’t understand, why you are raging out these things now . Please tell me what happened?” she replied “I went to your street yesterday, to see you, but I witnessed heartbreak”

In the street, people told me Theo is one of the SOMS and he does not belong to that locality, but for the past 2 months, that guy is painting on that street’s wall. And also said, “we don’t know why and also we came to know that they are planning to kill a girl who is doing something against them”. After hearing this Theo leave her hands and turn back in fear that she came to know all information. Arya crying and shouting asked him “Are you just acting to me as loving to kill me? Huh!! You buddy bastard of bastards .” he can’t able to reply her and sit quietly with eyes gleaming with tears. Slapped badly by her he still sat like a rock “what the hell I did other than blindly believe in you” and he softly said “Clara is my sister.” Straight away there was a loud sound. And the full spot halted in silence. Theo started to cry aloud, He felt his throat closing up, choking on the thoughts of all the plans they have made for the future. Beside him, Arya was Laying down shot dead by a SOMS guy from far away. The guards came running into the park but they too get shot. Theo’s eyes bloodshot and puffy, hammered his forehead crying because at the beginning of this plan his sister Clara was kidnapped by the SOMS even though Theo is an inheritance of the same gang, if her sister should not face the same brutality in hands of SOMS, he has to execute their plan to assassinate Arya. This was the agreement between them. But unfortunately, the relationship between Theo and Arya becomes precious and stronger.

The pain was unbearable and shouted in frustration. When police arrived the SOMS escaped but Theo hardened and struck with the terror of lost love did not move an inch. They caught him.

The man seated on the stone bench wiped the tears off his eyes and opened his hand, there was an alluring wedding ring he put it on the bench and moved on.

Suffering will fill the void of love with time...

.    .    .