Image by Fabian Sykes from Pixabay 

"Here it is! I've won the planet Mercury. " The joyful sound of that star's intense wavelength resonated through the surrounding galaxies.

In far space, where time and space are infinite, the four stars were playing their own kind of gamble. At stake were various small and big planets, satellites, meteorites, etc. of their solar system. Inspired by humans, our sun was also one of them. Although his time was not good at that time, He was constantly losing.

After losing the rings of Saturn, the highest mountain on Mars and one of Jupiter's moons, he staked Mercury in the hope of winning something big. But when time does not cooperate, then the active brain of even the great intelligent becomes deactivated. And in that game, another star has won Mercury.

Mercury now has to leave our solar system and go somewhere else. This separation from his youngest son was unbearable for Surya. He put his daughter, Earth, at stake to get Mercury back.

The earth trembled after hearing this. The other three playing stars also glanced at the earth, spoke to each other in gestures, and then unanimously refused to let the sun put the earth at stake.

The dazzling Sun asked the reason why. One of them said, with a twinkle, "Last time I saw it, the blue earth was very beautiful, but now it is no longer like that." It is turning black. Her air is poisonous too. The water has also become dirty. Food is also toxic! Such a dirty earth is not worth putting at stake. "

The sun could not put the earth at stake.

And the earth thanked the humans, breathing a sigh of relief from the solar wind.

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