Source: Iqra Ali on Unsplash

How will a novice become a leader?
How will one's political career survive?
How will newspapers and TVs be able to earn?
If they DON’T raise any issue.
Now, when issue of Hijab is raised,
it was heard that
someone not allowed someone to wear hijab somewhere.
impartially ask from them,
Which city are you talking about?
Which was the institute?
Who's going to take care of that institute?
Who wore the hijab?
Who were they - those who protested?
Questions are still alive today?
Because the weapon to kill them is not available-
answers to these questions.
What is happening in real-life?

In schools,
While doing prayer and,
celebrating festivals many times,
when does it happen – Noise?
when they think about caste and religion?
Students don't think so...
Not even their parents at all.
They start thinking
because they became pathless,
first by jackals of political parties
then by pet media.

Who seized the right of wearing hijab?
This question is also unanswered...
and will remain unanswered, for decades,
Until this question dissolves into the invisible energy of the universe.

.    .    .