Image by Merlin Lightpainting from Pixabay 

Deprived in guise of empowerment,
I am accustomed to all imprisonment.
Infirmity is lurking behind the veil of delicacy,
Suppressing my voice in the name of decency.
My beauty is a mere affectation.
I yearn for a long isolation.
Yes, I have a moon-lit face,
Under enduring vigil of the Sun's mate.
I can't boast of my radiance.
My life is paying all allowance.
Yes, I have the ocean blues eyes,
That embodies life's subtle dyes;
Where the dreams used to glide merrily,
But now shed tears heavily.
Yes, I have nimbus like hair,
That bear the exploitation like air.
The vermilion mark that used to adorn,
Has now become a blot when worn.
Yes, I have the dagger like waist,
That suffers all the raids you waste.
Though it swings with impunity,
The starving stomach reminds of insanity.
Yes, I am a Golden Doll,
Having a life to live as a whole.
Don't compare me with any load!
I am the incarnation of God! 

.   .   .