Source: Chris Malinao Burgett on Unsplash

Design is a way to transfer emotions to the product that can be felt by its users to nourish its purpose. We live in a world surrounded by atoms that combine to form molecules. These react to form distinct identities. The ones with the same features come together to give shape and form to reveal themselves. According to their in-built connections and physical climate, they are gifted their spirit, their own colors.

Then, they transform into names that are printed in the dictionary. Dictionary gives them meaning, but what about their feelings? We see so many things around us that have been defined in the dictionary but do we feel them?

Silent Designing is jumping out of the rat race, calming your mind and soul, being unconscious of the surroundings but conscious of yourself, and looking inside you. As the source of real knowledge is inside you. To pass an emotion to the canvas/ object, you have to first find that emotion inside yourself, remember the incidences, circumstances when you felt that same vein.

Find that hidden chakra, the only source of light inside the darkness. It is when you will answer yourself the "Why" of your design. Always keep in mind that silence makes all noise clear.

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