Source: Mostafa Meraji on Unsplash

Hijab is not a display of Islamic culture but a display of authority and security of women. India is a diverse nation and diversity here is not just a means of culture, language and religion but of opinion too. Hijab controversy is now turning into a war, a war between Muslims and Hindus and of men vs women. To all those people who think hijab or covering head and face is a display of Islam then what about thousands of those girls who tie a big cloth ‘dupatta’ around their face and head, I agree one of the reasons is to protect ourselves from the sun and pollution but the even bigger reason is the sense of security we feel and believe me I know because I am a young girl in a nation where every day 88 rape cases are filed.

To all those who want to know the start of the story well here it is, it all started on January 1 at PU government college Karnataka where six female students claimed that they were deprived of entering the classroom wearing hijab. Which lead to protests by those girls against the college authority. On 31st January petitions were signed in the Karnataka High Court by Muslim students upon the right to wear Hijabs in classes under articles 14, 19, and 25 of the constitution of India. Unfortunately, High Court in its interim order banned wearing Hijabs or any religious clothing inside the classrooms. To all those who think they have won the war well, this is just the starting because this time you are not against a particular religion but against women taking away their right to protect and hide themselves attacking them and ordering them what to wear and what not to.

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