Source: bridgesward from Pixabay 

"Art is an effort to make imagination turn into reality".

Each art form be it drawing, painting, music, cinema, dance, etc. all are governed by an artist's optimism and consistent effort along with dedication and perseverance to turn dream into reality. The dream that one sees with the eyes of the heart that itself is a source of energy for an artist. No doubt each artist has to do a lot of struggle for recognition and once they are successful in convincing people through their art, again they have to struggle with full devotion to maintain and improve their position so that they could spread happiness and joy among people through their art. The journey of struggle is never-ending for an artist but the love from people and magic of the art are the key boosters that take him to the red carpet of his life. Art is such a magic that leaves a spellbound effect on audiences giving them mental peace and taking them to the world of serenity.

Every art form has a message embedded in it as art is the way to bring into the limelight certain things that can't be spoken or written through words. Just like there is a story behind the success of every artist, in the same way, there is a series of situations and emotions behind every art form. Being a science student, it becomes a little difficult to rise above all social stereotypes or prejudices and continue with art along with studies. Such is the case with many students whose abilities remain unexplored until they meet someone who could make them meet with themselves or who could act as a key to open the lock of hidden talents making them acquainted with their true self acting as a beacon of light enlightening their path. Then, the only thing a person needs to do is to be a canvas and paint one's life with the colours of creativity leaving no stone unturned to make his imagination a reality by tracing it on paper. Such an attempt needs a lot of determination and confidence in one's ability. Being an artist, it remained a driving phase of my life too.

I used to see my friends making sketches, drawings and getting prizes but I never trusted myself. Then one day like a harbinger of hope, a thought came to my mind that at least I should give it a try to it without caring if it turns out to be good or bad. To my surprise, I ended up tracing something on a paper that looks amazing to watch I got a lot of applause from my near and dear ones not because they love me but genuinely for my art. For me too, it was truly great to sketch out exactly what I wanted. That boosted my confidence and taught me a lesson that an artist's foremost duty is to have self-esteem in one's ability and confidence that can do wonders along with imagination and efforts.

'Mandala art' is something that used to always fascinate me. To me, it was like a mountain that is difficult to climb until I gave my consistent effort and dedicated mind without thinking of results that made me climb it successfully. Hence, I ended up making a bird that is a harbinger of love, happiness, hope and symbolises flight to sky high and high. Every time I look at this artwork made by me, it enhances my confidence, my enthusiasm and motivates me to rise up higher and higher to bring out the best of me. So, art cast a magical spell on me by turning a new leaf of my life and making me enter into the world of creativity, togetherness, where I could explore myself to heights and for sure make me queen of my own life.

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