“We are, of course, a nation of differences. Those differences don’t make us weak. They, are the source of our strength.”

It is next to impossible to imagine India without its diversity. Funny how these differences are the determining factors of the country’s upliftment and how important they are, considering them as the deciding elements of our prosperity.

chuck out north, and half the military force collapses. Chuck out south, The Silicon Valley of India, plus the IT sector dissolves. Chuck out west, and see the economic industry fall down. Chuck out east, and you lose the strong ethnic culture and religious roots, the land being the ruling ground of ancient empires.

Our diversity is what makes every region and state vitally important and impossible to miss out on. Ironically, it is our differences that form the base on which our united foundation stands.

‘Accepting the differences and growing with them’ is the message that India teaches the progressing world. And that’s why it is practically correct to cite India as the front-runner in the emerging global scenario. The leading light, brimming with secularism, democracy, unity, fraternity, and everything one could ask for.

The best reference for a ‘Unity in Diversity’ concept has always been of India, and, has been rightfully titled so. This eminence is incomparable, to any others. Examples of differences merging into one nationality are plenty, which are heartwarming and reassuring. From major events like the Wagah border spirit, The Republic Day parade with numerous tabulates, to even the smallest of diversity events, or miraculous people with an utmost display of kindness irrespective of any differences, are all peas of the same pod, and are truly inspirational.

You get a lot to learn from things, and steering the talk to India’s-unity-formed-in-diversity, the takeaways are innumerable and different, but with all a same conclusion: Concord and harmony in every aspect.

So, it would be no exaggeration to say that India is positioned at the top of the emerging global scenario, all thanks to its unison in variation.

Jai Hind.

.    .    .