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Before knowing, a boundary is been setup.
You know why? Because every atom has a begging of inner force, rather to come out with a full...

As begging from The Start, we can notice the form of Art. You begin in space then conquer your thoughts as the outcome with a meaning of depth. Art is a form, an individual begins to mold into an interest plus time compound form. As far a person read the form of an Art, as his or her identity, it became a full-time structure. Art is not ancient nor modern, it keeps developing with time. It's the study of an era which had or has been breaking the old ones into the new frame. Life is the most bless-full thing an Art can be known.

Art is a key of preservative form, that's been not changed just developed within seasons. Its like formation of the a cell to the diversity of creatures living on the earth. If I talk about the categories of art, then historical it began from our ancestors' creativity, as to know the art of fire and wheel discovery to modern music and technology art now. A creation, a discovery that was initially a start for the next ones is an art.  Art is created without any differentiation. How would you find art within you? You set a zoner for you, you created an interest, you break a barrier as unknown and set a choice to keep it. These had and have been repeating for ages through generations in a view.

Earlier, the music and dance form has been a form of celebration of art to express. The instruments, that language, the sound for creating that wave were magical. And now it has been progressed to understand the culture and diversity. Even the strongest art form describes the journey of - Giving Birth. Yes the art of begging of a living thing, is birth. A plant seed having water as nourishment to sunlight as energy grows into a rooted art besides and on the soil platform. A human as a woman which is now transforming as a mother term gives birth to other living soul is a beautiful art. An animal an insect to form the term in there as birth as a begging of next one.

As I said art is a creation of a creative discovery within the time that develops into a reason. And that reason is acceptable as having a responsibility to enjoy that process is the other step to step in. Step in as a believer a thinker a curious mind an effort or it could lifespan experience.  So, at the ending, it's true as my view that art is a begging of every answer every moment we make we see we listen we feel we do. It's the only way you achieve but it never came down, as it makes you progressive and calming.

A dance, a song, a concert, a teacher, a nature, an invention even Government that creates a decision to mold laws and regulations is even an Art. It's us where we see things as an artist in each briefing of the topic.

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