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We are living in a world of the freedoms. We all have to know what are we doing with our freedoms. Yes if you want to eat with your family and friends you need to get permission from the elders. In the same way, it is applicable to other types of freedom, the freedom of speech is confused over the current situation of the country. Yes whether we should be able to voice our opinions or not, we don't know who to ask for permission to speak to. The democratic value of speaking up for ourselves and our country has been a long-time burning issue. If you speak up you can get trolled by the social media, you can get harassed and at the same time get supported in the background by politicians who are just riding around with you guys on their backs.  Today's youth and adults alike are confused about what to do with it. Whether to speak or not to speak.  If you speak you don't know who's watching you, if you don't speak you are labeled as dumb. Yes, we need an environment where freedom of speech and expression will be free for all. Without any problems with the political parties and the public in general. No objection to speaking voice your opinions freely and fiercely independent views should be respected and the opinions should be given a choice between the two. 

I am sure that the coming times will be able to give us the freedom to speak without any fear of being trolled and harassed on social media. 

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