Photo by Lara Jameson: pexels

We are all a part of the largest democracy in Asia. But still, instead of moving forward with the time, we are going backward. Yes, our country is losing its freedom to think. We are following the people who don't know how to think positively. Yes, it is the hardest truth, today's youth is following people whose thoughts are insane and they are mannerless. Why follow such people and why not follow your own self. Follow such a great thought which doesn't have any plans to disrupt the democratic value of our society. But today's youth doesn't seem to have understood this, rather they can be made to understand it. By placing the example of people who have been good role models in society.  Our society doesn't want to accept free thoughts. A free thought means a thought that is free of corruption, free of casteism, and free of economic crisis and hassles.  Yes, that's what free thought means, but it is a rarity to find such free thoughts today. Because day by day we are all becoming slaves and puppets in the hands of dirty politics. We are educated but can't voice our opinions and register our thoughts on any free-thinking platform. Because no such platform has been created by anybody till now. The youth and the younger generation should be made to register their thoughts on a platform that may give them a chance to see their thoughts being followed by the society in which they are living. Freedom of speech and expression will be sabotaged if such a platform for free thoughts is not established. Sooner or later we are going to lose our way of thinking also. 

As a democratic society, we must come forward to establish a platform for free thoughts so that our thinking is valued by the society in which we are living and we can learn from each other and come to the level of respecting each other's views, opinion about the happenings in our society. The younger generation should be able to voice their thoughts, by making them write about them in their school diary.  Since it's a small stage only they be taught the value of thinking good and bad. What are the best thoughts and what are bad thoughts, which should be followed and which shouldn't be followed?  How to prepare yourself for being a good thinker and a bad thinker. 

What is good thinking all about and what is bad thinking, these young impressive minds will be the future of our nation if not today then tomorrow. They are going to be the pillars of the society that we have formed today, the future of the country is in their hands. Free thinking should be made a subject in school and college. Parents also should support the free thinking of their children. Teachers should be great role models for free thinking to their children. 

I hope our society sits up and takes notice of this and introduces a  free thoughts system. Freedom of thought and thinking freely should be made mandatory for all.  Political parties should also put in efforts to make sure that we are able to think freely and fiercely without any hindrance from anyone. 

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