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"Oh my god, what's the reason?"

The question which millions of people asked.

Yes, that's the thing that came to the mind of all the vigilantes of the area. Vigilants yah they were vigilant just to know the reason behind the incident and many more or we can say they were the spectators of the show.

They were not the actual ones who were really worried because if they would have been so then the situation might not be the one which it is now. They were the one who gives pain and then ask who gives pain. "How shameful it is to suicide and let your parent see such a pity situation. Is this the day on which parents up bring their children? Aise din bhagwan nah hi dikhaye to thik hai." - These are the things which are told by our so-called society and samaj.

SAMAJ is the one that dominates our families in the hope that it will be there with them in needed times, Oh really is this so? The one which is ready to criticize every time instead of supporting is our good known SAMAJ. I am not saying that all are the same some good souls exist too but the reason behind any such incident is our samaj.

Why does it take a huge discussion when it's a matter of our child's future. Just tell a thing who is important... Humara samaj yah humare bache?It's a matter of a girl who loves her parents more than anyone, always made her parents proud whenever they expected. But still she was criticized when she just wanted the same love from her parents back in the form of her future happiness. Nothing more she has asked just wanted to spend her life with the one she wanted to.

Has she asked something very bad?

Just because of the things ki "humara samaj kya kahega "her parents didn't supported her.

Neither wanted to lose her parents by going against them nor the one she wants to be with in her future ., so she hanged herself and decided to lose herself. In this case, many people do... And the main thing is... Still, when she left this world peacefully she is still being criticized for her doings and this decision and you know by whom? Our people who were supported by the parents amd now what? She is gone... She left you to keep your samaj only with you...

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