Source: Luis Alberto on Unsplash

This is what I am may be perfect or may be imperfect !
May be sometimes harsh and sometimes mild
Life is full of hurdles and I am stuck in it
I sometimes behave much sensitive and sometimes aside
yeah that's me this is what I am.
Cloudy black days and stormy air are all the way aside
Difficult to lookup, stand aside and move on
Stepping forward and believing myself but once again a step back
I am roaming in my past and worried about the future
Does this make sense but this is what I am.
I am afraid of seeing things in a different way
Molding things in a different way but the path is difficult and my present is a maze.
I want my past back and keep my memories alive
My Future would be knocking my door but now I am afraid of opening it
I know this is some what I am hiding myself in my own life
But this is what I am...

.    .    .