The Indecisive word defines someone who can't make up his mind or make decisions, or something that doesn't decide an issue. We sometimes are Indecisive at times and take wrong decisions too under pressure. Harjinder, my friend was going through it.

She was very much interested in outdoor games and very much happy with it. She enjoyed a lot playing cricket. In the early stage, she started playing Cricket and was very much confident about it. She was the only girl playing with all boys. Harjinder was born in a  middle-class family in Punjab. It was her childhood dream of playing for India. Once in school, Punjab Cricket Team Management have arrived, for selecting the candidates, and we all were excited. Harjinder register herself and fill out the form and did all the procedural work. After a while, she started practicing again hardly, and she got the opportunity, she was called to Ground, for the further selection process.

She has given her best and got back home. After coming home, she informed her family about the things that happened, but her family didn't like it and told her not to get involved in such things and to concentrate on her studies. After hearing such things, she was very upset and she found herself very depressive.

A day after that, she started going to school, but she was not the same as earlier. She didn't attend the cricket class and was very fond of attaining the lecture. A week later, in school, we received the letter, of confirmation for selecting Harjinder. But Harjinder took the letter and opened it, after seeing the letter she was very happy. But after a moment she threw the letter in the dustbin and the dream left unsaid.
We were surprised about her decision and shocked too. A girl with a true dream left unsaid. Our society, can't make anyone fulfill their dreams. 'What people will say? ' is the major question asked by every parent? Girls like Harjinder need to fly like a bird, don't want to stay in a cage. As we say "Caged bird don't fly...".

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