Image by Gracini Studios from Pixabay 

The story of three unknown friends, the girl Anaya and the boys Shashank and Shirish. These three friends met in the office Anaya and Shirish were the best friends from the school era whereas Shashank was most obviously depressed and lost in his own life and was working in Office. He was facing difficulties in his life and was waiting for some spark in his life. Shashank was working in the Accounting department, and Anaya and Shirish joined the office for the IT department.

Anaya enter the floor with Shirish and Shashank was busy with his work, he didn't notice that new colleagues have joined the office and coincidently they have their seats near Shashank.

The next day Shashank was standing in front of Anaya with his team lead and Shashank unexpectedly turned and check who was standing in front of him.

He left stunningly with beautiful eyes, curved eyebrows, and a smile holding his lips. Team Lead, "Shashankkk !! Shashankkk !!!" Shashank mumbled and smiled.

"Yes Sir!", Shashank said. The lead started explaining the process and he left from there. Shashank was having a smile on his face and he was happy by watching Anaya. He went to his seat and started memorizing her face, and started smiling. And suddenly Anaya was called by someone and again Shashank began to see her. Shashank started feeling something about Anaya. Maybe It's Love!!!

Now Shashank started to know about her, he changed his seat and sat in front of her where she can be easily visible to him. Shashank at that time was doing poems and reviewing them with his friend, Anaya suddenly came to know that Shashank does poems and writes articles, she was very happy and that was the time Shashank felt awkward and he started ignoring her. Now all the mornings were awesome for Shashank because he started missing her and waiting for her, all these days were going and suddenly one day Anaya was a bit late to the office from sharp 9:30 Shashank started feeling helpless, his irritation level started, finally, he asked on of her colleague, "Anaya is not coming today, is she took off today?". Her colleague Reena replied, "No she went for an interview and might be she will be late or else she won't come." After hearing this for a second Shashank felt disappointed and started missing her, his heartbeats were pumping fast he was badly missing her. After a minute Shashank took his laptop and went to his colleague's place as he was facing some doubts in some sheets, and suddenly Anaya got passed and went to her seat the smile didn't wait, it took a height, and in deep Shashank felt happy. Shashank now started to talk with her colleagues and suddenly Anaya called Shashank and they started talking about some issue. After some conversation, they started asking about each other and Shashank was very much happy that day.

All was going good and suddenly the news came that Anaya is leaving the office and Shashank felt helpless and he started ignoring her, Anaya tried to get in conversation with him but he left there, on the last day Shashank was waiting for her at the gate and she came rapidly and said, "Bye Shashank!!".Shashank just saw her while she was going, he tried and found her number and the conversation started here, he told her that he is missing her and he want to tell her something. He sent her the letter he wrote for her and wrote about her and his feelings towards her. Now the thing is after reading, Anaya was damn confused and she texted Shashank, they had a conversation in which Shashank came to know that Anaya is in love with Shirish. Yes, Shirish was with her when she joined the office and that was the time Shashank felt badly hurt, he cried a lot and a lot but from that, they both became nice friends. Their friendship was growing and somewhere Shirish is not liking it. Shirish and Shashank started meeting and Shashank was very much comfortable with Shirish, he was enjoying it.

All was going well Shashank now has decided that he will be Anaya's friend and in further life, if she needs him, then he would be there for her. Suddenly he came to know about Shirish that he is fond of another girl and he likes someone else Shashank was a bit upset that Anaya loves him very much and Shirish is trying to cheat on her. He tried to explain to Shirish, and Shirish said, "he loves Anaya, but he wants Vaishali too" he will not leave Anaya or Vaishali. Now Anaya came into the picture and she got to know about Shirish and Vaishali and this was the time Anaya felt hurt, Shashank ran and catches her while she was falling.

Shirish told her that he would be leaving her if she doesn't accept it, Anaya confirmed that he could leave her, and at the same time she came to know that Shashank was also involved in this scenario and that too hurt her and she left abruptly, after that day Anaya didn't contact Shashank and Shashank was feeling sorry for her.

After a week, Shashank was busy with his work and suddenly the bell rang, Shashank saw his phone and it was Anaya calling him. Shashank took the call voice came "Hi it's Anaya!!" Shashank replied, "yes!!" Anaya replied, "I was wrong and realized that I wanted to be with you." Shashank replied "OK!!" and he kept the call. After a few days, it started blooming, and finally, Shashank finds his love. Love finds its way!!!

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