picture credit - G Madhu Sree
I often wondered what makes us the superior species apart from our sense to think and act! But what if that very sense is under used. 

Madhu, the pup rescuer, saw Stella come under the car on a busy Hyderabad bylane. The rescuer was afraid that we might have lost the pup to the accident. However, to everyone's surprise, Stella survived the heavy traffic and managed to run away. Madhu ran after Stella, trying to find the naughty little, Indie pup. Stella wouldn't stop, she was scared, so she would run and hide.

Madhu was determined too, to find a safe haven for Stella. Madhu then went to a shop asked for a carton and ran after Stella. She wanted to catch Stella at any cost, as the traffic could get worse by evening.  After a lot of running and running away, Madhu found Stella. She put her in a carton and looked around to find the Mother Dog. She found none in her vicinity. So Madhu firmly decided to give the Indie a  shelter till she finds a forever home. 

Madhu took home Stella, it was then that she was named Stella(03.10.2020). Stella was given a nice warm bath, her fur cleaned and teeth brushed. After nice shampooing and conditioning, Stella was ready to be introduced to the human family. Stella initially would hide and sleep. But the love of the family made Stella believe in life and love again. Stella would run after Madhu's Mother, in their garden. She would also playfully follow Madhu's Father to his bedroom, she would sit and beg for whatever father is eating. Stella would smell the flowers and run after bees. It felt like she was living the dream, she always had.

Stella would sit and watch Madhu work on her laptop. With her lovely angelic eyes, Stella would ask Madhu for dog treats, stella would drag Mother's saree(traditional attire) wanting Mother to play with Stella. Stella would run around the house and sometimes bite playfully. 

Picture Credit - G Madhu Sree

Though all were happy and fair, Madhu knew that she couldn't take care of Stella for long because her job demands long working hours. Realizing this, Madhu wanted to find a forever happy home for Stella. She started searching online for foster homes. She also took to Instagram to find a family that could care for Stella, just as much as Madhu. It was extremely hard for Madhu to let Stella go, but she knew it was imperative for both her and Stella, to find a happy place. 

Picture Credit - G Madhu Sree
Foster Home 

After days of search, Madhu found a family from Mumbai, who were willing to adopt Stella. They offered to care for and love Stella as much as Madhu. Having carefully done her verification, Madhu decided to let the family adopt Stella. Stella was well vaccinated by Madhu, with all necessary documentation in place. After a thorough consideration, Stella took her first flight to Mumbai! One year to this, it still feels like there are so many Stella's out there, who need help and fostering. In the name of the breed, we often forget what is ours - Indie!

Picture Credit - G Madhu Sree
Madhu, has not just helped Stella. She has also actively helped save a lot of animals - 

1. squirrel - when a baby squirrel fell out of free and hurt its hind legs, Madhu made a locomotive wheel cart that helped the squirrel walk)

2. Cats  - When the kitten in the neighborhood abandoned it's babies, Madhu and her father decided to raise them by feeding them milk and being there protectively till the kittens grew to cats. 

3. Eaglet - Once a baby Eagle(Eaglet) fell off its nest, Madhu and her father decided to nurture it, till it was able to fly. 

4. The cannine with Distemper Virus - When an indie in her street couldn't get up, Madhu who had come home from office at 11:00 PM, realizing the urgency took the Indie to the vet. The whole colony remained a mere spectator while the pup cried in pain. Madhu took the Indie to a vet, who informed Madhu, that the Indie wouldn't last long. Madhu did not give up. She would feed the Indie food, water and medication. While the mother dog gave up, it was Madhu who stayed strong and kept feeding the Indie medicines. Just when things got out of hand and it became impossible for Madhu to handle the physiological changes in Indie, Madhu decided to take help from the Adoption Center in Hyderabad. They offered to feed and love the Indie, till the Indie decides to stay. 

We are thankful to Super Humans like Madhu and her Father. Their compassion is applaudable. They raise in us a hope that the world is still a better place for all of us. Can we ever thank such humans with mere words? My words would just be a thank you note for all the good work they do, without any expectation or credit. We have so many such silent heroes trying to save and rescue our friends. 

Quoting from the constitution of India - 

Article 51A (g) places a duty on the citizens of India to protect and improve the natural environment and have compassion for all living creatures. 

So let's all be mindful in saving and protecting Mother Earth and all its creatures equally. Let's pledge to leave our children a better and dutiful world filled with compassion and love! 

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