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Since the time, of the beginning of human existence, we have developed in every aspect of this wonderful world. We grew in astronomy and astrology, we developed in Infrastructure and Agriculture. But all in different periods and different locations. But the one field of development, where Human Society has developed, in every part of the world, continuously as well as uniquely, is the Development Of The Art Forms. Human society might have lost the track of development in many subjects, but the development of Art forms was never hindered. Art remained and remains the discipline, that was the activity, that grew with the Human Society Together. What does the term 'ART' Imply? And What are its Forms?  These are the questions, which we shall address ahead. 

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. 
                                                                                                      - DEGAS

What is Art? We discussed Its connection with the human history above. That Implies Its importance to us, But the question remains the same, What is Art?  The Word Arts, Holds in itself, creativity and beauty. It describes the potential of imagination and Ideas. It is the only language, that needs not to be heard, but to be felt. 

The power of art is so intense, that Its glimpse can change, one's thought. Music, a form of art, is said to do wonders when kept playing near, Plants and Milking animals, as it stimulates the growth of plants while Milking animals start producing milk above the average quantity. Not just music, but every form of art is unique, In its sense. 

Painting, one of the most famous forms of art, is considered to help improve concentration and critical thinking skills. These examples are enough to tell us why Humans have been co-existing with the practice of Arts for so long. 

Creativity takes courage
                                               - Henri Mattse

Now, the question is what are the forms of arts?. They are numerous, They are Unique, They are Natural and there are no bounds, on what to be called an art and whatnot. Just like people differ in traits, in the same way, there are different ways people look and work on arts. But be sure it's an art when it catches your looks, in surprise. Be sure it's an art when you can't understand it until it's done. Take an example of Painting or Pottery in making. 

Art is so open, that still today, there's no definition of it. You can call something art, and not to the other. Art is often a god-gifted trait. Some people need not require training to become a singer, they are born singers. It's Fascinating, isn't it? 

Whether you call something art or not, You must acknowledge the fact that today, whatever we or the society assumes as an art, Whether It may be Painting, Dancing, Singing, Poetry, Pottery, or Literature, all of it is Beautiful, Astonishing and you can't get off the art form when you get to know its value. 

With the finds of Australopithecus, which is 3.9 Million Years Old, We credited ourselves with one of the greatest discoveries of all time.  But, the true gem found, was the art form of that time. And then the discovery of the Harrapan and Mesopotamian Civilization made today's world Rich in artworks. We continue to take inspiration from the past worlds, to develop today's artworks. 

Artworks hold, heritage from the past, that continues to be admired by millions of eyes. But, we hope that the enthusiasm for the art forms continues to grow. That is possible when we train, the younger minds with art forms of different genres. Hoping to see the art flourish, I end the article here.

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