You see, art is something that doesn't need approval, it's your uniqueness, your level of creativeness, your talent, and so on. Art is something that changes people's mindset to see things differently. Art is likely a human nature of doing something uniquely in such a manner that becomes their talent, ultimately I believe makes their career too. Art is not where there is some kind of force to do things, it is self-generated, comes from within. 

Your art describes you, your attitude, the way you deal with things, the way you wanna live, everything. There are some chronicles about art or you can say some myths, people say some make art or art is derived from them, but the reality is we don't create art, art is something that doesn't choose what is best to work on until you work and see for yourself. The risk or loss, it's the quote I wanna give for art because it's the game of testing you, knowing your talent, and when things go right you find your way to it and make that art your talent.

Source: Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I have many experiences in life, I believe life is an art itself, it shows you different colors of people, even different shades, sarcastic. Life shows you opportunities to grow, use your talent, create a huge big art, and throw to the fucking audience and be something. Here it goes when I write this, I m a content writer, I know things, experiences, I use them to focus, to write, to make something big out of it, a very big deal because I love people admiring me not me generally but they know me because of this talent of mine. I term this as an art of writing because it is what it takes to write your entire mind, increasing the level of creativity, showing up much more in words than action, well, quite the opposite I said, but this is what writers do right. We don't opt for this, it comes from within, our art. You see, I'm not precisely writing this. I know we writers go through a lot of damn tests to finally publish our content, but here I'm just opening up my thoughts. See here I'm using my artistic capabilities because, in the end, we are just people left with lots and lots of thoughts.

I say use your full mind to grab an opportunity, do what you are good at, and do till last until your last breath, because here am I doing the same, make a career with your art, choose where to work, be your own boss, have something which only is yours, nobody has a right on it, I believe in creating your own art.

Well, in my story, I'm not the boss but have a bit of flexibility you can say. I have a lot of talents to show but there are a few which I really want to do...first cooking calms me even if I'm tired from work, I like doing it, it's the one thing that can turn my negativity into something positive. Recently I have discovered that I'm really into baking cakes and the decoration, of course, is the thing I like very much. Secondly, singing is another talent I suppose, I want to sing out loud so people can hear from a distance. Dancing, thirdly, is extremely important to me because everyone till now knows me because of this, talkin' about relatives, just only had a chance to perform in weddings, got appreciated once and made it a repetition to perform in weddings.

If you ask, I have lots of art in me different types, can also check shared images, tried a lot of art. So you see what's happening with me, I can't even choose where to go, also I made up my profession as a writer. The thing is, I didn't have options. But you have! Choose what you really desire. I do my stuff when I'm free to give myself a break, but the thing I wish is if I could turn my art into something, so I don't want to be a writer anymore.

Art is love. Make it your first love!

When you create something, it's just your art, no one has a right to insult it because it's yours, only you can tell yourself that what you're doing isn't working, till then you go on trying.

I used to think about what artistic people are like, are they something different from us, how they create these great sculptures, paintings, so deep to dive into. I realized it's only about being creative and innovative. Think differently, not just normally!

Art can ruin your career, can hit you so hard that you can't even think about doing it, but someday a light will begin to shine more in your path and you will realize that your art is your thing to do, only yours, no one can do like yours, you're different, you're worth living.

I also have seen some people who never back out even if they face lots and lots of failures because they believe in themselves, they believe in their art. This is what our world requires.

Believe in yourself!

Art can be messy, different, unrealistic, unexpected, unique, a combination of many things but just know that's what makes you ‘YOU’. No one in this entire world can tell what you're good at, you have to find it yourself. You have to find your art, your joy, your happiness stands where? Know this by yourself, give yourself some alone time to think about it.

I say every profession is art. I say fighting, having arguments is an art, you can come with being a lawyer here, being too stupid I know :P. But here is how you can find out, think deeply about what you're really into. Coming up with an idea is art too, one idea can change your entire world upside down. Your thinking is only what makes you different among all the population, it's up to you how you can use it and create something exquisite. I guess I told you a lot about my art, time to know yours.


The world is waiting for your ART.

Happy Journey on finding one..! 

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